The Twits at Twitter bring Marxist Censorship to the Forefront

Twitter is engaging in blatant Marxist censorship of those who do not adhere to their globalist open borders philosophy. Here are a few articles that reveal how bad corporate censorship has become:

#TwitterPurge: Twitter Bans Right-Wingers Just Days After Fighting For ‘Net Neutrality’, Chris Menahan, D.C. Clothesline, December 19, 2017:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey oversaw the banning of a host of right-wing figures on Monday, from American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor to Britain First’s Jayda Fransen, whose videos of Muslims attacking people President Trump recently retweeted.

Paul Golding of Britain First was also banned, as well as Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent, Generation Identity, The Traditionalist Workers Party, Michael Hill of The League Of The South and many others.

Everyone banned was right-wing...

Just days ago, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was championing net neutrality, saying it’s “indispensable to free expression.”

“Twitter stands for freedom of expression and for empowering dialogue,” said one message from Twitter’s Public Policy account which Dorsey retweeted.

Twitter stands for freedom of expression and for empowering dialogue. We encourage and celebrate the global conversation around human rights on Twitter...

Twitter Is Starting to Purge Its Alt-Right Users, Matthew Rozsa, Salon, reprinted on American Renaissance, December 18, 2017:

Many past alt right figures who were kicked off of Twitter have since begun using a similar social media platform known as Gab. On Monday, an editor for American Renaissance posted on Gab to denounce Twitter’s actions.

Press Release: Jared Taylor and American Renaissance Banned from Twitter, American Renaissance, December 18, 2017:

This morning, the Twitter accounts of American Renaissance and its editor, Jared Taylor, were both banned. At the time of the banning, the organization’s account (@AmRenaissance) was verified and had 32,800 followers. Jared Taylor’s account (@jartaylor) had 41,000 followers as of this morning; Twitter removed his verification last month.

In a blog posted today, Twitter said it has begun enforcing new rules against “hateful and abusive content.” American Renaissance and Jared Taylor violate none of those rules. Anyone familiar with our work recognizes that we present our dissident political views with civility. We have never even hinted at anything that could be seen as condoning violence or illegality, nor do we associate with those who do. We’ve taken special care to abide by Twitter’s terms of service–old and new.

In July, Twitter’s public policy manager, Lauren Culbertson, claimed, “Free expression is part of our company DNA. We are the platform that lets users see what’s happening and to see all sides.” These bans prove the contrary.

As FCC chairman Ajit Pai has said, “[W]hen it comes to an open Internet, Twitter is part of the problem. The company has a viewpoint and uses that viewpoint to discriminate.”

This year, American Renaissance or Jared Taylor were mentioned in over 100 major news stories.

The Great Twitter Purge—Corporate Cultural Marxists Overplay Hand?, James Kirkpatrick, VDare. December 18, 2017:

... American Renaissance, of course, focuses on providing the journalism that should have followed the publication of The Bell Curve, were it not for the orchestrated Reign of Terror that drove the facts about race and IQ back underground. Twitter’s ban is particularly interesting because Taylor has been certified as “not an anti-Semite” by none other than the SPLC’s Mark Potok...

There seems to be no overall pattern to it. However, probably more will follow, as the platform has begun tracking users’ behavior “both on and off the platform” as one of the factors it examines when determining whether to ban an account or not [Twitter vs. Free Speech, by Chace Paulson, Capital Research Center, November 29, 2017. Emphasis added]...

Needless to say, Main Stream Media journalists/ PC Enforcers are cheering these actions.

Which is especially ironic given the MSM commissars’ supposed rationale for opposing “net neutrality.” Earlier this week, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai rolled back the policy which forced Internet service providers to treat all content the same, a decision unpopular in the Main Stream Media. Author Aja Romano... moaned in Vox that the decision would open the door to “forced redirection, content-blocking, software-blocking, website-blocking… and censorship of controversial subjects” [Net neutrality is now officially on life support. Here’s what happens next, December 14, 2017]

But the very next day, Romano giddily promoted her support for corporate censorship, this time in the service of banning “Nazis” from Twitter...

Still, in this instance, it’s just possible Twitter has overplayed its hand. To his great credit, when FCC Chairman Pai eliminated net neutrality, he also dismissed the MSM’s free speech howling by noting that Twitter is already “part of the problem,”...

Twitter suspends the Jewish Defense League’s account after it posts about Pamela Geller event, by Pamela Geller, December 18, 2017:

The last thing that the JDL posted was my appearance last night at a private meet and greet event. They took down their Facebook page also. This is sharia and antisemitism.

The JDL is, of course, not alone. Facebook has blocked my newsfeed, slashing daily referrals from my followers from 100,000 to under 4,000. Twitter shadowbans me, make referrals to the Geller Report from Twitter non-existent.

Not only that, but Google has scrubbed its search results of sites and posts critical of jihad and sharia. Fifteen years of work, forty thousand plus posts of mine, just disappeared from Google search. Poof. It’s criminal. Google Adsense has suspended my account and Pinterest has blocked my links from being shared. YouTube deleted my account (only to reinstate it after a huge public outcry).

Congress must take action against these social media dhimmis....


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