Udall's Immigration Pandering Propaganda

I first met Mark Udall at a Sierra Club meeting. I was a member in the 1990's, before the Sierra Club sold out on immigration to the tune of $100 million. He didn't seem like the kind of guy who would want to sell out America while dancing to the tune of Democratic Party political conquest. People change over time.

I attended a Udall townhall meeting a decade ago where people in the audience grilled him on immigration and illegal aliens. The response we heard was "we're going to need them." Who is "we"? Displaced American workers? Greedy corporations? Perhaps he meant that the Democratic Party would need their votes. Yep, I think that's what he meant.

It's no surprise that the Denver Post published Udall's latest immigration pandering piece ("House must vote on immigration reform", March 15, 2014). After all, the Post is a well-known open borders apologist. Most mainstream media are. Udall's piece trots out a series of failed rationale to ply amnesty for illegal aliens, while avoiding real data on the resulting devastating economic and demographic impact on Americans.

Udall's diatribe begins by saying that "For years, Coloradans have demanded a common-sense, balanced way to fix our broken immigration system." Really? What I have heard is that Coloradans are demanding existing immigration laws be enforced. Our immigration system is only broken because the Obama Administration1 and Congress (that's you, Mark) seek to break it. The reason seems to be fairly obvious: more Undocumented Democrats who provide the cheap, foreign labor that the GOP leadership demand. Udall readily confirms this, saying our immigration system is "keeping businesses from finding the labor they need to grow our economy."

The poor hard-working family immigrant card is run out repeatedly in the piece. We're breaking apart families? Come on. Illegal aliens who evade capture at our border are free to return home any time they want to reunite with their families. They can take their kids with them.

Udall trots out illegal aliens who spawned anchor baby American citizens - due to misinterpretation of our country's 14th Amendment - saying "Let's give every budding doctor, engineer, and teacher a chance to reach their potential". Why not encourage them to educate, procreate, and potentiate in their home country, along with every budding carpenter, dishwasher, and field worker?

There are probably four billion people on the planet who would want to sneak into the United States to reach their potential, if they only could. Yet we simply can not support all of those people. They will have to succeed in their home countries. Even if they would vote Democratic in the U.S.

Udall pontificates that it's time that "Republicans and Democrats alike, must find a way to give the Senate's immigration reform bill [S.744] the vote it deserves." And it deserves a most emphatic two thumbs down. It's time to for Congress to vote for American workers and for America.

Udall concludes his twaddle with a quip comparing Congressional challenges to those confronted climbing mountains. Gee, Mark, I've climbed all of Colorado's highest peaks and a bunch more. With character and commitment, I will continue to fight self-centered politicians who strive to undermine America for the sake of political party gain.



1.  Timeline: How The Obama Administration Bypassed Congress To Dismantle Immigration Enforcement, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

2.  How to contact your US Senators and Representative from Colorado.

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