The unrelenting falsification of Wikipedia

In the 2007-2008 timeframe, I created the John Tanton website. It is a reference site, containing substantial information about Dr. John Tanton and his work. As such, it presents accurate and truthful information.

Because of the success of one brilliant man in the modern immigration sanity movement, he has been relentlessly targeted by leftist open borders Marxists. As Saul Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals:

13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.“ Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

Here is what Dr. John Tanton said about the attacks: The Puppeteer Replies - John Tanton replies to SPLC racist attacks. It's worth a read.

After I created the Tanton website, I updated the skeleton Wikipedia entry on Dr. Tanton. I added biographical material, his accomplishments, and other factual information, all with references. Shortly thereafter, I noted that someone had vandalized the entry, removing key factual material and adding discrediting paragraphs.

I repaired the entry and the vandalism reappeared. This cycle iterated over the next several months. I appealed to higher-up editors at Wikipedia and their response was essentially: too bad for you. Vandalism has been ongoing. Here is revision history and some discussion of the Tanton Wikipedia entry.

Dr. Tanton's Wikipedia entry has been so corrupted with factually accurate but tangential and inappropriate edits over the years that it in no way resembles the original entry. Nor does it portray John Tanton's ethic and amazing life's work.

Nicholas Stix makes similar observations in the September 13, 2019 VDare article, Truth Visits The Wikipedia Page, Gets Thrown Out On Its Edit By WikiThugs. Here are a few excerpts:

... I call it The Pretend Encyclopedia (TPE); others call it Wikipedia.

Actually, I had gone there on my own, but I only do that a few times a year, if I can help it. I get fed up with this or that outrage by the communists running the joint, and make a modest correction, which one of them immediately “reverts.”

Their reversions always constitute vandalism, but they would call me a “vandal.” They are vandals, because they enforce lies and racism, and automatically revert (and frequently ban) anyone who seeks to tell the truth, or expose and fight racism....

Over the past two months, I had been venturing down Pretend’s mean, virtual streets more than usual, due to the death of John Tanton (1934-2019), the greatest American of his generation.

Dr. Tanton, a small-town Michigan opthalmologist, founded America’s modern immigration reform movement, when he saw that the environment and America were bound to be destroyed by mass, Third-World immigration. Admirers called him the “Johnny Appleseed” of the immigration reform movement, due to his practice of donating seed money to found organizations (the Federation for American Immigration Reform, U.S., Inc., U.S. English, The Social Contract, Pro English, the Center for Immigration Studies) that then flourished on their own. Enemies were, well, less charitable. “The Puppeteer.” “White nationalist.” You get the idea.

At TPE Dr. Tanton’s page, like that of, has in recent years been turned into an attack page based on slanders from the racist, scandal-plagued, frequently debunked SPLC. However, at TPE, the SPLC, whose publications are all glorified fund-raising letters, is treated as if it were the gold standard of journalism, scholarship, and morality.

(On August 27, one of the Wikithugs, Bradv, put Dr. Tanton’s page under “protection”: “Protected ‘John Tanton’: Persistent disruptive editing” That was in response to yours truly having made three modest edits, removing its inflammatory language. Now, only trusted liars, traitors, and racists have access to edit the page.)

That page was originally written by old immigration hand Fred Elbel, the scholar and blogger who founded CAIRCO, the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, but it does not at all resemble the original version, and there’s nothing Fred can do about it. [Correction: CAIRCO was founded by Dr. Bill Herron.]

You’d never know, to read TPE, that the SPLC was completely disgraced earlier this year....

Currently, TPE... functions as a libel factory for racist organizations like the SPLC and ADL, and TPE’s Red Brigades.

It's abundantly evident that Wikipedia permits wide-ranging vandalism by leftist Marxists. It's curators are of similar mindset and offer no recourse nor ability to permanently repair recurring vandalism done to conservative entries.

I refer to it as Wikidpedia.