Upside down protests Down Under

It turns out that protests are occurring Down Under. But there's an interesting twist, as pointed out in this article:

AUSTRALIA: 40,000 people came out to protest the George Floyd murder by a cop in Minneapolis, but no one protested the cold-blooded murder of a white Australian woman in Minneapolis by a black Somali Muslim cop, Bare Naked Islam, June 10, 2020:

Unlike George Floyd, who had a long history of criminal offenses, Australian Justine Damond was an upstanding member of the Minneapolis community, had committed no crime, but called 911 about a disturbance outside her home. Still dressed in her pajamas and robe, she was outside talking to the two responding Minneapolis police officers in their car when the Somali Muslim cop shot Justine Damond in the stomach, killing her instantly, for no reason at all.
Avi Yemini interviews some of the 40,000 Australians who came out for the BLM protest in Melbourne, asking them why no one came out to protest Justine Damond’s murder by a black cop in America.




We wonder how long the above video will remain up before Youtube censors the video.