What do we call the fake news outlets? Certainly not Mainstream Media

For several years, those of us who reported on the slant and bias of the dominant media news outlets have called them "Mainstream Media (MSM). But the truth is: at this juncture, they presume to be media, but they are no longer mainstream.

Rich Logis points out in his January 29, 2018 article, A Phrase to Retire in 2018: Mainstream Media:

As President Trump announced his 2017 "Fake News Awards," phrases and terms popularized over the years, such as "liberal media"; "mainstream media"; and, more recently, "fake news," were bandied about by those on both the left and the right (especially from that extra-froth frother from the mouth Jim Acosta of CNN). 

With a new political year underway, my sincere hope is that pundits and Americans retire these labels.

The mainstream media?  Most major legacy American media, particularly newspapers and cable television news networks, are Pravda-esque publicists and cover-uppers for the Democratic Party....

The liberal media? The original American liberals were our heroic Founders; do MSNBC, The Washington Post, and Media Matters for America really conjure up the wisdom and genius of Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin?

A more fitting descriptor is the DMIC: Democrat Media Industrial Complex.  Identifying legacy media as the DMIC puts names and faces to the complex and brands the DMIC as working tirelessly at the behest of the Democratic Party.  It is a complex that runs deep and wide, with tentacles spread across every medium of communications and information flow, from tech Masters of the Universe to print to Hollywood, such as Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, and Viacom, which crafts "news" narratives the same way it crafts screenplays....

Is a free press important?  Actually, it's beyond important.  But the DMIC confuse constitutional importance with its own self-importance and has lost that war with independent-minded Americans.




How Real Is Fake News? by Sharyl Attkisson, TEDx, February 13, 2018:



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