Why are you picking on Democrats - or Republicans for that matter?

We were recently asked, "Why are you picking on Democrats? Although I do not agree with the amnesty issue and support secured borders, I resent your classification of how people vote."

That individual was referring to the CAIRCO article Obama's Royal Decree - Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens which noted that "immigrants" vote overwhelmingly for Obama's Democratic party - the party that gives them the most freebies.

It is not our classification. It is based on research which has been posted to the CAIRCO website over the past four years - from established sources such as the Center for Immigration Studies. The article contains a substantial list references, including references on the impeachment process as a check on dictatorial Presidential decrees.

The individual went on to write: "That is exactly what is wrong with this country .... arrogant, self-righteous, narcissistic, obstructionist, "doomsday" rhetoric "Republicans" who think there way is the only way."

In response, I pointed out:

"I grew up a liberal Democrat. I couldn't help it - that was just the environment in which I was raised.. Even back in the late 1980's I realized that the Democratic party no longer represented my core values and interests - they had sold out, just as the Republican party has sold out to big business interests. Both parties want open borders, no matter what the impact on Americans and America's future."

James Kirkpatrick is spot on in his article, The political situation quite Looming Obamnesty Just A Symptom Of America's Democidal Democracy. He writes:

"The Obama Amnesty, threatened as early as this week, is bigger than the perfidy of one President-it’s a systemic failing of our form of government. Our ruling elite clearly has a positive interest in making life worse for the majority of people in the country and in actively degrading the concept of citizenship. Our democidal democracy is actually unmaking the American people. Obama’s Executive Amnesty is merely the final stroke that will sever the connection between the historic American nation and the government in Washington, D.C...

We actually have a system in place where the elite favors unmaking their own country."

Barbara Simpson's article, Obama ices the cake of his new America, similarly makes the strong point that "We either stop destruction of our country, or all is lost".

In a nutshell, the Democratic Party wants lots of "undocumented Democrats" who will vote the Republican party into oblivion. Republican party elites want cheap foreign workers for their trans-national corporate donors. It seems that no one is concerned about the future of Americans and of America's exceptionalism.

Here is a list of questions that was forwarded to us at CAIRCO. Many of these points clearly and obviously apply to both parties.

Urgent Questions for Republicans

  • When it comes to immigration policy, why does GOP leadership appear determined to validate the old adage that the 'the Republican Party is the stupid Party?'
  • The GOP House leaderships' deliberately equivocal 'Standards for Immigration Reforms' advocates amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens, and supports a massive increase in low-skill immigration. The 'Standards' risk civil war within the GOP which could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2014 elections. What's going on?
  • The 'standards' opens with a tired cliche: 'Our nation's immigration system is broken.'' Is the real problem our 'broken immigration system' or the refusal to enforce immigration law because of partisan politics and corporate greed?
  • Relative to immigration legislation is there any real difference between the goals of the House leadership and the Senate Gang of Eight?
  • Solid data from the Census Bureau, the Pew Hispanic Center and political scientists tell us the GOP will never win the Hispanic vote. Why won't GOP leadership face facts?
  • If amnesty passes along with a huge increase in legal immigration by low-skill workers with lop-sided ideological sympathy for the Democratic Party, America will become a One-Party State. We'll lose our political liberty and the nations' politics will lurch far to the left. Is GOP leadership deaf to the approaching thunder?
  • GOP leadership wants an amnesty and a massive increase in immigration by low-skill labor when 20 million Americans cannot find full-time work. The 'Standards' speaks eloquently about the 'needs of employers' but is silent about those of ordinary Americans. Don't Republicans have a message for working Americans?
  • Romney didn't lose because of the Hispanic vote. He lost because six million White American Christians, natural GOP voters, stayed home. Should Republicans continue to alienate White working-class Americans?
  • Republicans pride themselves on being the Party of fiscal responsibility. But amnesty and increased low-skill immigration means the massive importation of poverty and the corresponding growth of the welfare state will cost trillions. Why the inconsistency? Why doesn't GOP leadership foreground the powerful nexus between immigration and economic policy and employment?
  • GOP Congressional leaders advocate an unrealistic compromise: granting legal status but not citizenship to illegal aliens. This would create a vast under-class of wage slaves without political rights. This is un-American and within a few years a movement to grant citizenship, driven by the Democrats, would triumph. Is this a devious amnesty scheme or are GOP leaders incapable of recognizing how unethical and impractical it is?
  • The 'Standards'' calls on the government to create a 'workable electronic employment verification system'' to end workplace fraud, yet an excellent one already exists: E-Verify. Why doesn't the 'Standards'mandate its immediate adoption?
  • If an amnesty/legalization for illegal aliens is passed along with a massive increase in legal low-skill immigration, how will that affect President Obama's legacy and what impact will it have on the 2016 Presidential election?
  • How could a Republican call for lower levels of immigration become part of a new populist GOP conservative message that could win not only Congress but also the White House?
  • Finally, what would a sound and smart immigration policy look like?

Why All Americans Should Be Concerned

  • Why mass immigration by low-skill, poorly-educated workers - legal or illegal - is fundamentally incompatible with the needs of a post-industrial knowledge-based society with a huge welfare system
  • The connection between high U.S. unemployment and mass immigration
  • How mass immigration and the cheap labor threatens the wages, working conditions and benefits for all American workers
  • The brutal consequences of mass low-skill immigration on the unemployed, the working poor, young college graduates and American workers with only a high school education
  • How the presence of a huge transnational population of impoverished low-skill immigrants threatens to form a permanent underclass
  • Why contemporary mass low-skill immigration will destroy America's social safety net
  • What is the connection between mass immigration and such critical concerns as unemployment, the astronomical deficit, and the healthcare crisis?
  • Why current immigration policy is an affront to American democracy and represents what the Founding Fathers called 'usurpation'' by the governing class
  • Why the debate over immigration policy is not a battle between the liberals and conservatives, but pits 'post-Americans' against those concerned with America's national interest
  • How mass immigration will Balkanize America in an era when Americanization is seen as 'racist' and multiculturalism has become the dominant ideology of the political, fiscal and cultural elite
  • Why current immigration policy is creating a dual-culture, dual-language society, a formula for permanent social division, separatism and potential violence.