Why there is no revolution in Sweden: the nation with no voice

The following video documentary helps explains the elite globalist agenda as well as the passive populist mindset in Sweden. It's 25 minutes long, but it is informative and well worth watching.

In this video, Way of the World takes a look at how Sweden is dealing with multiculturalism, examines the Swedish psyche, and watches some TV for clues about the Sweden of the future.

Video: Sweden: The Nation With No Voice (Youtube censored this video**, but it is available on Bitchute).

From the video:

"...the nationalized nature of compassion in Sweden, the sense that personal responsibility has been contracted out to the authorities. In Sweden's quest to become the moral superpower of the world, it has become incapable of taking action to protect the defenseless, an indeed, itself. So, where is all this leading Swedish people. What future awaits this 'moral superpower'?"


Here is a related video. After a year of cultural tumult in Europe, Way of the World reflects on the past year, examines how we got to this point, asks what the future holds for us in the West, and considers what we need to do to ensure our survival as a civilisation. 

Video: On Multiculturalism 1: The Rocking Lifeboat (Youtube censored this video**, but it is available on Bitchute).




Regarding Finland, there are striking parallels with Sweeden, but also some notable differences.

Finland At 100—Frozen By Fear, Dragged To A Multicultural Grave, by Harri Honkanen, VDare, December 28, 2017:

... these northern people—strongly adapted to cold environments—are high in anxiety. This makes them plan for the future and be deeply concerned about how others see them, creating profoundly harmonious societies. But it also it means they're more likely to be emotionally overwhelmed, leading to high suicide rates—14 suicides per 100,000 deaths in Finland in 2015 and Estonia, only 7 in the UK—and withdrawal from reality. They have evolved to be trusting, obeying their leaders and the rules, completely maladapted to a savanna-like situation of utter chaos...

Which may explain why Finland appears to be frozen with fear as it is dragged to a multicultural grave...

Finland was a kind of European Japan: an intelligent (the highest IQ in Europe according to research in 2014), efficient, trusting, and extraordinarily cooperative people...

Political Correctness is more dangerous in Finland than elsewhere in Western Europe. Like East Asians (some geneticists argue Finns have relatively high East Asian admixture by European standards), Finns are conformist. They can't stand disagreement. They're chronically shy, conflict averse and rule-governed. As I argued above, this may reflect adaption to extremely harsh yet predictable conditions, where cooperative groups are more likely to survive. Society is harmonious and efficient but with a tiny gene pool everyone thinks similarly. You don't risk being shamed. Indeed, scholars have highlighted the way that Finland has an effectively East Asian "shame culture" ...

Unlike Sweden or indeed many other European nations, Finland has never really been a democracy. After independence and a civil war, the country was essentially a nationalist dictatorship...

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Finnish elite became desperate to be recognized as a Western democracy. They brainwashed Finns into voting to join the EU and it was the only Nordic country to join the Euro...

So this is how the entire Finnish nation is frozen by fear, blindly hoping they can have the best of both worlds and keep their comfy, conformist, uneventful, egalitarian state while virtue-signalling about multiculturalism.

But as they are discovering, the Third World, if given the chance, will always consume the First.


Responding to the Islamisation of the West, Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch, December 27, 2017:

Throughout much of the West major cities have large concrete blocks placed around high-traffic pedestrian areas*. So what is that all about? Works of modern art? Not quite – they are security bollards. Security from what? Well, sadly, from basically one thing: jihadists who wish to mow down innocents in the name of their political ideology.

So the West is responding to this crisis – not by dealing with the root causes – but by running with band aid solutions...

All this is one way to deal with the rise of terrorism: simply turn your cities into fortresses. I guess it is easier than dealing with the core problems here, which happens to be a religion which for 1400 years has used terror and bloodshed to spread its tentacles over the globe.

Instead of taking much greater care in who we let in to our countries, and being honest and up front about genuine security risks, we prefer to be PC, as we take more and more freedoms away from the general populace. An eventual police state may make us somewhat “safer,” but at what price?...

So we have two major ways of responding to the Islamic tidal wave sweeping the West: we can surrender, give up, cave in, and become dhimmis as we deny our Judeo-Christian heritage, or we can take a stand, refuse to buckle, and reaffirm those values and beliefs that really matter...


8 minute Video: Sweden Mass Immigration Crisis - by the numbers



* These "diversity bollards" are becoming quite popular in European and some American cities. 

** Media Bias, Censorship, and Corporate Political Correctness Run Amuck

This place could use more muslim immigrants