The Great Replacement is Underway

Sunday, November 24, 2019
by Fred Elbel

Western Civilization was invented by Whites, just as Chinese civilization was invented by Chinese and Japanese civilization was invented by Japanese.

One of the great taboos promulgated by leftists - including the left wing national media - is that every race is encouraged to promote their own interests... except for Whites. You see, some Whites are descended from slave owners, so that makes all Whites racist. Blacks, by the way, owned slaves. Slaves were captured in Africa by Africans, and were sold to pre-American slave traders via Muslim slave traders. Approximately 15 million Europeans had been captured and enslaved by Muslims between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries - far more than European slave-traders took from Africa in the same period. (See Setting the record straight on slavery.)

Slavery existed in the United States well before America was formed. America's founders created a union under which slavery could be abolished - and it was. But leftists disparage our Constitution and our country nevertheless based upon the false premise that Whites are all racists. The ultimate goal is to dismantle our Constitutional Republic and replace it, preferably with a socialist structure.

The Great Replacement is a term that describes one mechanism by which this transition is being accomplished. That is, the importation of people from third-world countries who favor big government and who ultimately vote for the Democrat party which promises them an unending stream of taxpayer-paid benefits.

White, native-born Americans are being displaced without their permission within their own country. Open borders policies are effectively electing a new people - who don't necessarily endorse the principles under which America was founded.

As goes the White demographic, so goes America, and so goes Western Civilization. We're not that far behind the immigration-driven demise of Europe.

Two recent articles serve to quantify the Great Replacement.

The Great Replacement In Action? Public School Demographics By State, by Audacious Epigone, VDare, November 26, 2019:

The map below depicts demographic majorities of 4th grade public school students by state:...

Most states remain majority-white, but the four most populous states do not. Consequently, the nationwide elementary public school population is now majority-minority. Assuming current demographic trends continue, the country will likewise have become majority-minority by the time these students reach middle-aged adulthood.

The following table lists states by the percentage of the 4th grade public school student population that is non-Hispanic white:

1) Vermont 90...
27) Colorado 53...
43) Florida 39
44) Georgia 36
45) Maryland 33
46) Nevada 31
47) Texas 27
48) New Mexico 24
49) California 21
50) Hawaii 13
50) Washington DC 13...

Though the Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory only those wishing to be hurled into the void dare discuss, it is hard not to notice that in all of the once reliably red states now in the process of becoming blue–Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina–the next generation is majority non-white. It’s almost as though Democrats cannot lose in states where most of the population is not white.

The Dispossession of White America in 13 Maps, by Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, November 25, 2019:

In the beginning of his book, Suicide of the West (1964), James Burnham wrote, “While working on this book one morning, I happened to come across, lingering on a remote shelf, an historical atlas left over from my school days long, long ago. I drew it out and began idly turning the pages.”

He concludes that section of the book by stating flatly, “. . . in the simple, straight-forward atlas sense, the West has, for two generations, been contracting.”...

Burnham was undeniably correct, but his thinking was incomplete. The West’s geographic contraction can be seen not just internationally, but domestically as well. In the United States as much as in Europe, huge swaths of territory that still remains technically Occidental is all but lost to the white world linguistically, culturally, and demographically. And this too can be seen through cartography. Whereas maps of America from one and two hundred years ago show a steady expansion, those portraying the US sociologically over the last several decades show the opposite. Below, find 13 maps that show the steady dispossession of white America....

[See the original article to view these maps, which are quite interesting.]

By mid century, Whites will be just another identity group in an America of squabbling nationalities. No taboo will withstand this converging reality.

It remains to be seen whether our Republic, let alone Western Civilization, will be able to withstand this demographic onslaught.

The Great Replacement is discussed further in the article Leftists Claim “Great Replacement” Is A “Conspiracy Theory” …Unless They’re Bragging About It, by James Kirkpatrick, VDare, July 4, 2019:

... Both Leftist journalists and Identitarian activists know the Great Replacement is happening. Conservatism Inc. prevents the American Right from doing anything about it.

Forget about saving “conservatism”—Westerners must wake to this demographic tidal wave lest their culture, people and civilization be extinguished. If they don’t, every battle won or achievement made by Western Civilization is rendered pointless.

And no matter how shamefully or eagerly they surrender, Westerners won’t be remembered as graceful losers—just a bunch of racists....


See Setting the record straight on slavery.

Say it Out Loud! The Great Replacement is Underway, by Ann Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement Watch, April 13, 2021.