Research current and past Colorado bills, hearings, history, and calendars

Here is information on the Colorado Legislative Process - how a bill becomes law.

The Colorado General Assembly website is the primary resource for researching current bills before the legislature as well as bills heard in previous sessions. You can also watch video and listen to audio broadcasts of the general assembly committee hearings. Here are specific links to pages on the General Assembly website:

Also see the Post Bill Tracker

Single copies of journals, calendars, and status sheets (as well as bills) are available in the bill room located in the basement of the Legislative Services Building at 200 East 14th Avenue. Adjacent to the bill room is the legislative information center, which is a one-stop location to find information on the status of bills and other measures before the General Assembly. The center, as well as the bill room, are staffed only during the legislative session.

Information on bills can be obtained by calling 303-866-3055 or 1-888-473-8136. The best one-stop source of information on legislative activities is the Colorado General Assembly website.