CAIRCO testimony against SB13-033 - In-state tuition for illegal aliens

CAIRCO testimony against In-state tuition for illegal aliens: Colorado SB13-033 - "In-state Classification CO High School Completion".

Presented  to the Senate Committee on Education, by John Brick, CAIRCO spokesperson

January 24, 2013

Unemployment is at 7.8 percent1, the same as four years ago. Including those who have stopped looking for work it is 15 percent or more. Black unemployment is through the roof and Hispanic not far behind. Colorado is straining under the burden of providing services to illegal aliens directly and indirectly. This is a bad time for the State Legislature to provide additional incentives to immigrants legal and illegal to come to America at taxpayer expense.

Senate Bill 13-033 is an illegal alien college subsidy that provides one more incentive for illegals to cross our borders and diminish our resources. This legislation creates other problems as well:

  1. Its wording would allow any person legal or illegal to simply come to our state, take a GED, and get instate tuition to Colorado colleges. (Loss of college funding over out of state tuition.)2

  2. Illegals will be entitled to the Colorado College stipend as well as the opportunity funds. They can apply for publicly supported grants and financial aid. It also extends taxpayer supported health care benefits to illegals over eighteen.

  3. Though Colorado's reciprocity agreement with several States illegals will be able to come from other states and get instate tuition and benefits.

  4. The bill exempts persons receiving educational services or benefits from institutions of higher education from providing any required documentation of lawful presence in the United States. This preempt the safe guards for secure and verified identification previously passed by the State legislature. Educators no longer have to prove lawful presence when renewing their educators license.

Colorado's citizens want illegal families to self deport. If this does not happen it is the responsibility for the State and Federal government to reduce these numbers. There will be no economic recovery for struggling Colorado workers if we continue to entice immigrants and refugees into Colorado to drive down wages and steal jobs and benefits from Colorado's citizens. The students themselves run the risk of becoming white collar undocumented workers who will suffer the same exploitation and wage discrimination experienced by low skilled illegal aliens.

This illegal alien educational subsidy could be better spent on law enforcement, k12 education, or be recycled through the economy to improve small businesses and improve the quality of our citizens life. We urge you to vote no on this piece of special interest legislation.




1.  Unemployment is 7.6% of the labor force - Seasonally Adjusted - Dec 2012 - Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. The bill requires an institution of higher education in Colorado to classify a student as an in-state student for tuition purposes if the student: Attends a public or private high school in Colorado for at least 3 years immediately preceding graduation or completion of a general equivalency diploma (GED) in Colorado;