The dirt on DACA - a nightmare of a DREAM

12 January 2018
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The DREAM Act was a Trojan Horse - a mass amnesty by another name.

The DREAM Act was first introduced in the Senate on August 1, 2001. It was reintroduced in 2010 and defeated in Congress. The DREAM Act would have allowed aliens as old as 35 years of age to apply to participate in an amnesty that would have been created if the legislation had passed.

The purpose of the DREAM Act was purportedly to help young illegal aliens. Yet the 2013 "Gang of Eight” amnesty bill did not simply limit it to aliens who were not yet 21, and could  prove it.

Instead DREAM Act established 35 years of age as the cutoff age for the amnesty. This would have covered an estimated 90% of the illegal alien population in the United State -  3.25 million illegal aliens. Aliens would have been easily able to lie about their identities, their dates of birth and dates of entry into the America.

Taking the law into his own hands, President Obama in 2014 unilaterally issued the DACA executive amnesty to up to five million illegal aliens. It was not a formal executive order, but rather a simple implementation of a series of DHS memos. This action subverted Constitutional intent and separation of powers as established by the Founding Fathers.

886,000 people enrolled in DACA.

Yet another amnesty (there have been seven amnesties for illegal aliens since the 1986 amnesty). A DACA amnesty would be profoundly bad policy that is not in American interests:
  • DACA amnesty recipients are not children. They are aduits in their 20s and 30s; the average age is 24.
  • They will be directly competing against Americans for jobs.
  • 2,139 DACA recipients have been convicted or accused of crimes against Americans.
  • Taxpayers would pay the bill. The net cost of the DREAM Act amnesty for the larger group of 3.25 million aliens was an estimated $26 billion, even after taking into account taxes paid by the aliens.
  • A DACA amnesty would cost American taxpayers $26 billion, according to a CBO report.
  • 20 percent would go on food stamps after the amnesty made them eligible for it.
  • Every time an amnesty has been granted, it has caused a surge in illegal immigration: The 1986 amnesty for 2.7 million illegal aliens caused a surge in illegal immigration well into 1990s. An  estimated 700,000 illegal aliens fraudulently applied for and received the amnesty, over and above the 398,000 fraudulent applications that the INS discovered and rejected. In 2013 illegal border crossings more than doubled when the Senate deliberated on the proposed Gang of Eight amnesty.
  • Amnesties have consequences. A DACA amnesty could flip 4 states to the Democrat party.
  • DACA Amnesty-induced chain migration would exceed four years of U.S. births.
  • At least 1-in-7 DACA amnestied aliens would end up on Medicaid.

We do not need a DACA amnesty. Why is our President even talking about it? No action need be taken. We can simply let Obama's illegal action expire.




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