Disney's Awful Addiction to Grooming

20 May 2022
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Unless you have been living in a vacuum, which might be preferable these days, you probably have heard of Disney corporation's sick addiction to child grooming. Disney's explicit goal is to inject itself between parents and their children, in order to indoctrinate your young, malleable children with LGBTQRSTUV+- values.

Andrea Widburg explains the situation in the 3 April 2022 American Thinker article, Disney just can't seem to quit grooming kids:

Disney is doubling down on using its vast entertainment empire to promote the LGBTQ++ lifestyle. The latest offering, Better Nate Than Ever, is a "family" movie about a 13-year-old boy who takes Broadway by storm. It's also an openly pro-LGBTQ++ tween movie.

It's been apparent for a while that Disney has strayed from Walt Disney's vision of a traditional family-friendly product and has become, instead, an entity dedicated to advocating for the LGBTQ++ cohort. You can see the trajectory in (a) the increasingly open same-sex love LeFou has for Gaston in Beauty and the Beast (in the animated version, it was hero worship; in the 2017 life-action movie, it was open), (b) the lesbian cop in Onward, (c) the fish who's also a boy in Luca, a story that all sentient people understand as a metaphor for so-called transgenderism, and (d) Disney's Muppet Babies pushing cross-dressing. Meanwhile, Disney has also actively courted the LGBTQ++ crowd at its theme parks.

With Florida's Parent Rights in Education bill, the Disney corporation gave up any pretense of creating products to give children straightforward entertainment tied to traditional cultural norms. Instead, it made clear that its preferred customer base is the LGBTQ++ crowd, including those in that crowd who want to encourage as many children as possible to contemplate an LGBTQ++ lifestyle. (There's a reason that, while leftists call the bill the "Don't Say Gay Act," conservatives call it the "Anti-Grooming Bill.")...

... let me remind you that the Anti-Grooming Bill simply says that sexuality should not be a part of the curriculum for grades K-3 (or five-year-olds through eight-year-olds)....

Parents do not support Disney's deep dive into this minority lifestyle....

The marketplace needs to take Disney to task to stop this madness. A good start is to cancel the Disney theme park vacation and Disney+ streaming cable and to put the kibosh on Disney movies. However, if you want to make an impression on this massive company, you also need to cut the following companies out of your life: ABC, ESPN, Touchstone Pictures, Marvel, Lucasfilm, A&E (50% holding with the Hearst Corp.), The History Channel (ditto), Lifetime (ditto), Pixar, Hollywood Records, Vice Media, and Core Publishing.

Own any shares of DIS? What's your ethical position on owning this corporation?


In the following video, Ben Shapiro gives an excellent presentation on why American parents should boycott Disney: LEAKED Video Exposes Disney's Real Agenda, 30 March 2022:


If they didn't believe it made a difference they wouldn't be putting it in the entertainment... The whole point is to change the behavior. The whole point is to indoctrinate entire generations of children. So I have a question: you want these people raising your kids?

This group of people who have decided that it is very important to indoctrinate your kids... So Florida passes this law to prevent this stuff in kindergarten to third grade and the left goes absolutely nuts and Disney goes absolutely nuts. And you know what? They've exposed their agenda now. At least they're clear about it now... So now it's on you, parents. It's on you to decide whether you wish to consume the latest Disney film. I'm not saying you can never watch another Disney film. I'm saying you damned well better pre-screen that film before you show it to your kids.

What they say behind closed doors is... we oppose this bill because we want to indoctrinate your kids. We oppose this bill because we wish to be the activists who determine what your children think and feel and believe and what the future trajectory of their sexual lives looks like.


Flood of Families Cancel Disney Memberships over Woke Company's Leftist Agenda: 'Walt Would Turn over In His Grave', Breitbart, 2 April 2022:

Last month, DeSantis signed into law Florida bill HB 1557 — the Parental Rights in Education bill — which prohibits teaching sexuality and transgender ideology to children in kindergarten through third grade.

Disney's Child Sacrifice - The family entertainment giant bows down to the deities of woke ideology, FrontPage Mag, 4 April 2022.

Yes, Democrats Really Do Want to Groom Your Children, by John Nolte, Breitbart, 6 April 2022.

Groomer-Gate: 15 Times Disney Promoted LGBTQAI2S+ in Children’s Programing, Breitbart, 7 April 2022.

Destroy Disney, by Kurt Schlichter, Townhall, 7 April 2022:

Nothing personal, but the Mouse must die... We used to trust Disney to take care of our kids, not take them over. Well, it made its choice, and it's time to make ours....

And cross us Disney did. It did not have to stick Donald's beak into Florida's fight to keep grooming perverts from messing with first graders' heads...

... what Disney really has is a vast array of special breaks that helped make it the hulking monopolistic monstrosity that it is today....

And then Disney treated decades of trust like Pluto the dog treats a fire hydrant....

DeSantis should strip Disney of its special bequests in Florida... Congress should laugh Disney's lobbyists out of the Capitol when they come begging for a new copyright dispensation....

Disney picked this fight, and luckily we had Ron DeSantis...

Florida Lawmaker Says Disney 'Stepped In Quicksand And Made A Drastic Unforced Error', by Patricia Tolson via The Epoch Times, Zero Hedge, 7 April 2022.

Disney’s Business Model is Turning Kids Into Dysfunctional Adults - Its customer base isn’t kids. It’s messed up adults, by Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag, 8 April 2022.

Parents March on Disneyland to Protest Studio’s Woke LGBTQ+ Agenda for Children, Breitbart, 13 April 2022.

If You Want to Punish Disney, Take Away Mickey Mouse, by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag, 13 April 2022:

In 1998, Congress passed the Mickey Mouse Protection Act. In a classic case of bipartisan corruption, the bill brought together Republicans, along with Barney Frank and John Conyers, to do a special favor for Disney and for other entertainment industry companies.

The Mickey Mouse Act (formally the Copyright Term Extension Act) was one of a series of measures that took the original copyright system, meant to protect an author's rights, and instead turned it into a permanent monopoly cash cow for Hollywood studios.

Mickey Mouse, a character created in the 20s, will only become public domain in 2024.

That is if Republicans don’t once again decide to do a special favor for Disney, Warner Bros, and a number of other massively woke and wealthy entertainment industry monsters....

Breaking up their copyright monopoly would free Mickey Mouse and free our culture.


Disney’s Ongoing Public Self-Immolation Is Just What We Needed - The message to woke corporations is loud and clear:  Stand up to your loud, spoiled, woke kiddo employees or take the real-world lumps, by Rod Thomson, American Greatness, 17 April 2022.

It’s Finally Time for GOP Lawmakers to Expose the Dark Side of the Disney Regime Once and For All, Revolver, 21 April 2022:

Many Americans might be surprised to learn that Disney’s war against DeSantis’ anti-groomer law exists within a context of a long history of questionable conduct on the part of the company. Few these days remember that “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer wrote a bombshell investigative exposé in 1999 on Walt Disney World called “Disney: The Mouse Betrayed.”...

David Westin was the president of ABC News and when he got wind of the Disney exposé, he quickly killed the project.

Many speculated he axed the piece because Walt Disney Co. owned ABC....

There is every appearance of a pattern of documented abuse and predatory behavior that has gone on for decades at Disney’s theme parks, cruise ships, and within their entertainment empire as well....

It’s time to investigate Disney.

Mouse Trapped, PowerLine, 23 April 2022.

Disney Releases LGBTQ Pride-Themed Toys Marketed to Children ’For Ages 0+’, Breitbart, 20 May 2022.


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Grooming Fail: Disney Lost $890 Million on Last Eight Theatrical Releases, Breitbart, 25 June 2023.

Disney Workers Forced to Train Their Foreign Replacements End Legal Battle, Breitbart, 11 May 2018.


"Get woke, go broke?" Let's hope so.

disney - evolution of the trash icon


Go Woke, Go BROKE: Netflix Stock Crashes Over 30% At Open, Losing 2.2 Million Subscribers, Geller Report, 21 April 2022.

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