Identity Leftism Will Eat Itself

22 September 2018
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In the following video, Black Pigeon Speaks explains that Identity Leftism will eat itself:



From the video:

"An oft-heard quote in the last few years goes something like this:  'I didn't leave the Left, the Left left me.'"...
"All of this is coming at a time of titanic and seismic demographic transformation currently taking place in the hyper-diverse cities of the Western world.  The working and middle classes who are now starting to live with the effects that will completely transform their society in the near future are looking for anyone that will speak to them and for them.  Most are interested in safe streets, a stable economy, quality of life, and a future for their children.
"Things such as radicalized gender politics and pronouns, unrelenting and unending immigration, and the creation of an ever-dizzying array of phobias, -ists and -isms, concocted almost daily at this point, grievance politics, the professionally offended, and the transformation of language are not very compelling political positions to get behind for most people past the age of 25 or those with a job.
"The liberal elites and the Left in general are in love with cosmopolitan globalism and despise nationalism of any kind but offer nothing of real substance to most of those in the working and middle classes who lack wedge identity issues to get behind. The Left's exclusionary identity politics are ironic in light of the Left's ostensible demands for inclusivity, and thus, more and more people are begrudgingly casting their lots with the only people that will actually advocate for their interests.
"And that is not the radical, maniacal, modern Left, thus their frantic desire to import a new voting block to replace the ones they have left behind."



Video: Left or Liberal?, by Dennis Prager, PragerU, September 3, 2018:
"Tell the average American you’re a liberal and they’ll assume you’re on the political left. Yet, leftists and liberals hold very different positions on key issues. In this video, Dennis Prager explains how the tenets of liberalism like a belief in capitalism and free speech have more in common with conservatism than with the identity politics and racial resentment preached by the left."



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