Imprudent legalization through military service

6 April 2014
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It was revealed in early April, 2014 that some un-conservative House Republicans are quietly working to insert immigration amnesty legislation into the Department of Defense Authorization Aill (NDAA). This legislation would allow illegal aliens - so-called DREAMers - to obtain permanent legal residency by serving in the United States military.1

Representative Jeff Denham (R-CA) is leading the push to add the substance of his “ENLIST Act” into the NDAA. Such legislation could open an immigration amnesty Pandora’s box, whereby the House bill could be merged with the most disastrous components of the elitist Senate 744 amnesty bill. The legislation, if passed, would be the first in a cascading chain of bills leading the U.S. down the slippery slope to full legalization / amnesty for illegal aliens.

Some might say that this would be an appropriate way to allow illegal alien young adults, even if they have been in the U.S. for just a few years, to obtain legalization. Yet the pitfalls of such legislation drastically outweigh its purported advantages.

It simply does not make sense to reward illegal aliens with the ability to compete in the military against U.S. young adults - especially when 20 million Americans are either unemployed, underemployed, or can not find a full-time job.

Representative Steve King (R-IA) further explained:

If we're going to put out the bait, which is: come into the U.S., break in, so to speak, smuggle yourself into the military, put on the uniform of the United States, take an oath to uphold our Constitution, which may or may not mean anything to them, and now we're going to reward you with citizenship -- I think it's just a bizarre thing to do, to reward people for breaking our laws. That's what amnesty is.”1

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL, member of the Armed Services Committee) stated:

How do you ensure that illegal aliens are loyal to America and not another country? Is it wise to entrust illegal aliens with questionable loyalties with America’s military secrets and weapons, including weapons of mass destruction? Is it enough that illegal aliens join America’s military, or should they be required to be honorably discharged or serve in combat before receiving amnesty for past illegal conduct?"1

As a result of this ill-advised proposed legislation, House conservatives have circulated a "Dear Colleague" letter urging Republican leaders to oppose incorporation of an immigration amnesty agenda into the NDAA.2

Americans who are opposed to this nonsense are encouraged to contact their U.S. Representatives.

The dangers of dual nationality

A person is considered a dual national when he or she owes allegiance to more than one country simultaneously. 

Although U.S. naturalization requires that a foreigner renounce foreign citizenship, the Oath of Citizenship is disregarded by the U.S. Government. Indeed, the United States Consulate states that "Being a dual national and carrying the passport of two countries is perfectly legal. Under U.S. law, naturalizing as a citizen of a foreign state will not in and of itself cause you to lose your U.S. citizenship."1

Other countries such as Mexico ignore such renunciation and consider the naturalized U.S. citizen a citizen of both countries. This was emphatically stated by Former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo at the National Council of La Raza (The Race) Soiree, Chicago on July 23, 1997 (watch video):

I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important - a very important - part of it. For that reason, my government proposed a constitutional amendment to allow any Mexican with the right and the desire to acquire another nationality to do so without being forced to first give up his or her Mexican nationality. Fortunately, the amendment was passed almost unanimously by our present congress, and is now part of our constitution."3

It is abundantly evident that aliens - particularly Mexican nationals - that we would entrust with U.S. secrets and weapons in our military would owe implicit allegiance to a foreign nation. 

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