May 5: on this day in history...

2 May 2017
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May 5: on this day in history...


In the Solar System:

1979 - Voyager 1 passes Jupiter 

In the Western Hemisphere:

1834 - Charles Darwin's expedition begins at Rio Santa Cruz. 
1494 - On his second voyage to the New World, Christopher Columbus sights Jamaica. 

In Mexico:

The Mexican army achieved an unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. 
In the United States, May 5 is sometimes mistaken for Mexico's Independence Day, which is celebrated on September 16. 

In America:

2006 - The first mass illegal alien demonstrations invade the streets of American cities. 
1987 - The U.S. congressional Iran-Contra hearings opened. 
1961 - The first American in space. Navy Commander Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. is launched into space aboard the Freedom 7 space capsule, becoming the first American astronaut to travel into space. 
1955 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada test Site. 
1942 - US begins rationing sugar during WW II. 
1925 - John T. Scopes, a biology teacher in Dayton, TN, was arrested for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution. 
1892 - The U.S. Congress extended the Geary Chinese Exclusion Act for 10 more years. 
1877 - American Indian Wars: Sitting Bull leads his band of Lakota into Canada to avoid harassment by the United States Army under Colonel Nelson Miles. 
1866 - Memorial Day first celebrated in United States at Waterloo, New York. 
1865 - The Thirteenth Amendment was ratified, abolishing slavery in the U.S. 
1864 - Atlanta Campaign: 5 days fighting begins at Rocky Face Ridge. 
1864 - Battle of Wilderness, VA (Germanna Ford, Wilderness Tavern). 
1864 - Campaign in Northern Georgia - Chattanooga GA to Atlanta GA.