National IQ Trends

6 June 2024
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Here's an article that (honestly) looks at IQ trends:

National IQ Trends Over The Decades, by Steve Sailer, VDare, 6 June 2024:

Sebastian Jensen has posted a huge set of graphs on Substack based on nearly 4,000 national IQ and national school achievement test (e.g., PISA) scores from around the world. How have they been changing over time?...

Here's the data for the US. It looks to show a very slight upward trend since 1940, but basically flat...

Serbia is less of a laggard within Europe than it used to be...

Turkey did well around the turn of the century...

Sub-Saharan Africa overall looks pretty flat... average scores around 79...


The World's Most Important Graph - 2022

The world's most important graph - 2022


Book: Noticing: An Essential Reader, by Steve Sailer, 2024.


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