Obama's Royal Decree - Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

3 July 2016
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By Fred Elbel, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

President Obama has unilaterally issued an executive amnesty to purportedly five million illegal aliens via Royal Decree.45,46 It was not a formal executive order, but rather a simple implementation of a series of DHS memos.48,50 Either a decree or an order of this magnitude would be a treasonous act in that it would subvert Constitutional intent and separation of powers as established by the Founding Fathers.

Fortunately, our Constitutional Republic does not consist of a dictatorial monarchy.

While open borders Republican elites may yap and holler about an amnesty decree,12 they covertly condone it, as it would remove the burden from their shoulders of having to grant amnesty via Congressional action - which is opposed by the vast majority of their constituents (meaning the American people, not rich corporate donors).

As Gibbons stated in Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

The incapacity of a weak and distracted government may often assume the appearance, and produce the effects, of a treasonable correspondence with the public enemy."

Obama's actions range from deliberate non-enforcement of immigration laws, to DACA via executive fiat, to granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. These are not the actions of a weak and distracted administration. Indeed, they are deliberate, calculated actions based on an explicit agenda of "fundamentally transforming the United States."

The result of executive amnesty will be millions upon millions of "immigrants" who are a net drain on the American tax base and who take jobs that over 18 million unemployed Americans would willingly take - at fair wages. And who vote Democratic - that is, for Obama's political party and its agenda.20,21

The amnesty of 1986 was clearly stated by Congress to be a "one time only" amnesty. Yet including the 1986 amnesty, Congress has passed a total of seven amnesties for illegal aliens. We know that amnesties overtly promote even more illegal immigration. It will become never-ending in the aftermath of an executive amnesty.

Amnesties which have originated in Congress and have been signed into law are legal and Constitutional. Amnesties via royal decree with the explicit objective of transforming the United States are not defensible according to Congressional intent.

The case for impeachment

The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that's what I intend to reverse when I'm President of the United States of America.
Senator Barack Obama, March 31, 2008 (Townhall in Lancaster, PA, March 31, 2008.)

The threat of impeachment is the only viable check to executive amnesty - and then only if it could and would be undertaken.

Andrew C. McCarthy emphasizes that "Absent the credible threat of impeachment, Obama will pardon millions of illegal aliens." 1,2,3 He notes that:

...There is nothing wrong in principle with an executive order — no more than there is with a statute. Congressional laws are problematic only when they exceed Congress’s powers in violation of the Constitution. Same with executive orders: The president’s powers are broad, the executive branch through which he exercises them is extensive, and there is consequently nothing improper in his issuance of executive orders to manage the conduct of legitimate executive functions — just as there is nothing invalid in Congress’s enactment of statutes consistent with its capacious constitutional authorities or a court’s issuing rulings within its proper jurisdiction.

He continues:

The Constitution, in any event, enables a president to pardon federal “Offenses” — it does not say criminal offenses...

Thus, fully within his constitutional authority, President Obama could, right this minute and without any congressional approval, pardon every illegal alien in the United States — indeed, every illegal alien anywhere who has been deported after violating federal law. He could do it by executive order and, while outrageous and condemnable, it would indisputably be within his Article II power...

As I explain in Faithless Execution,2 while the Constitution grants much raw power to the president, it also constrains its exercise by placing limits on the legitimate uses of executive authority. A textbook example of illegitimate exercise of a legitimate power is Obama’s abuse of prosecutorial discretion...

Obama, however, has contorted prosecutorial discretion into a license to ignore, “waive,” rewrite, and otherwise violate congressional statutes — including laws such as the Affordable Care Act that are far afield from criminal-law enforcement. In sum, “prosecutorial discretion” has become the camouflage for Obama’s usurpation of the powers to write and conclusively interpret the law — powers the Constitution vests in Congress and the courts.

Conferral of Legal Status

McCarthy observes that:

Under the Constitution, the power to determine the qualifications for American citizenship is legislative... The president, however, has absolutely no authority to confer legal status or positive benefits (e.g., work permits) on aliens who are in the United States illegally. If the president attempts to do this by executive order — and, as Faithless Execution recounts, Obama has already done it, albeit on smaller scales than what is now being contemplated — that would patently exceed his authority, in violation of both the Constitution and statutory law....

If the president refuses to enforce the immigration laws and grants something close to a blanket amnesty, we will be on an inexorable course toward citizenship — and, crucially, voting rights — for millions of illegal aliens, also known as Democrats waiting to happen. It is the Left’s dream of a permanent, unassimilated, post-American governing majority...

McCarthy concludes:

...Impeachment is a political remedy, not a legal one. It is about the removal of political power because of breaches of the public trust, not legal prosecution and punishment. Indeed, the Framers considered narrowing the pardon power to prevent the president from granting amnesty for his own lawlessness; they opted against it precisely because they believed the specter of impeachment would be sufficient disincentive...

...the president’s pardon and prosecutorial power... exist in a constitutional framework wherein the president’s core duties are to execute the laws faithfully and preserve our system of government...

Obama’s stated goal is fundamental transformation of the nation, and a blanket amnesty would accomplish that. From his standpoint, it might be worth the risk. Plus, even if the amnesty suddenly ignited public sentiment for the president’s removal from office (a dubious supposition), nothing in Washington happens quickly. Obama would still have many months if not most of the rest of his term to abuse his awesome powers (including by issuing additional pardons) in transformational ways...

But I do know this: Absent a credible threat of impeachment, President Obama cannot and will not be stopped from granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, who will in short order be awarded citizenship and voting rights. You can call that a plea for impeachment if you’d like. I call it a statement of fact.

Peter Brimelow presents a similarly strong case for impeachment.4 He posits asks: '"Does the Administrative Amnesty 'rise to the level' of a 'Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors' as specified in Article Two, Section Four of the U.S, Constitution?" His answer is:

Yes. Some people are still under the misapprehension that impeachment is some sort of grand judicial proceeding, requiring police-court type evidence. It`s not: it`s a political act, like a vote of No Confidence in a Parliamentary system. It just hasn't happened much because the Executive Branch really was less aggressive, and judges really didn't legislate. Now it is and they do. So impeachments are inevitable...

He asks: "Why rock the boat? The GOP is going to win in 2014 anyway, impeachment will just rile up the Democrat base," responding with:

Impeachment would also galvanize the Republican base -which is, however unfashionable this may be on the Georgetown cocktail circuit, white America. Despite the best efforts of federal immigration policy, white America will be the largest pool of votes in US elections for a long time to come. And, as VDARE.com has repeatedly documented, the Republicans' post-Reagan problem is not failure of outreach to minorities, but failure of inreach to its base -thus white turnout was down in the last two Presidential elections, and the GOP's share of the white vote is disgracefully low...

In response to the statement that "The Democrats control the Senate and they won't vote to convict anyway," Brimelow responds:

A Senate trial would be intensely volatile - and that's very bad for Democrats. In effect, a vote against impeachment would be a vote for Amnesty, and for border dissolution.

"As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew." What is happening on America's southern border is not a "humanitarian crisis" - it is a scandal. It calls for outrage - and impeachment.

The issue of executive amnesty extends far beyond amnesty, citizenship, and voting rights for millions of illegal aliens - who will overwhelmingly vote for Obama's political party. It fundamentally challenges the framework of our Constitutional Republic. It must be addressed directly, forcefully, and immediately.

Article by Fred Elbel


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