Video: Behind the Democrat Push for Open Borders

30 June 2019
Border Security - The Epoch Times. Published on May 25, 2019.

"This is an orchestrated, communist assault on America to destroy America's borders, to create confusion in America, to overwhelm the system politically." —Trevor Loudon, communism expert Interviewed on May 20, 2019.






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power among one party a monopoly on this
country I don't care if it's the most at
the best political party in the world if
you give them a complete monopoly on
power for all time you that is a recipe
for corruption and tyranny because all
power power power corrupts and absolute
power corrupts absolutely I don't care
if you had st. Peter leading the party
wouldn't matter you have a monopoly on
you become corrupt and everybody in this
country should be terrified of that
you got a hold moaning bass bass who has
no comprehension of the consequences of
what they're doing they still think
they're voting for Harry Truman and JFK
I don't see that this is a an either/or
situation that that the Democrats are on
the verge of an unbeatable permanent
majority this is a race against on
what's gonna be a million this year 1/2
2 million Knicks well we saw a million
Muslims driven into Germany recently
with all of the social consequences that
they don't our wealth at the pool of
potential refugees from Latin America is
way bigger than the people that came out
of Syria well how many people will live
below the border you know you're talking
a couple of hundred million in Latin
America you could have three four five
million people trying together hopefully
prison Trump is hoping it all slow down
but if it's not I think he's going to
have to be tough on Mexico right until
he can get control of the u.s. Council I
don't see how it's going to stop us
but he has to me so I would if I was the
president what I would be doing or we
said the president of Mexico
if you do not stop this flow and the
president Mexico as a Marxist amlo there
we will shut down trade we will shut
down everything because this is an act
of war it may come to the point where he
just has to bite the bullet and say the
border is sealed but even that's not
going to stop the problem entirely
because people still claim refugee
status under existing law so I think the
answer must be to put huge pressure on
Mexico to stop the problem internally
because they could do it if they wanted
to and by not doing it they're basically
declaring war on the United States and
that needs some tough measures
this whole move for a legal immigration
amnesty dissolving the border goes right
back to the Soviet days you know when
when the the Communist Party USA was
working on the border to bring people
across to train up the sort of amnesty
movement people I'm talking you know
back in the seventies or even before
that and so you know both people like
Bert Corona the famous Communist Party
member from California who who was
heavily involved in this and he had a
whole network across the southern border
states of communist party members and
radicals who were fostering this
movement because it was designed there's
two aspects of but one was to fill the
southern states with with Mexicans and
Latin Americans to a revenge Lee rest
the southern states back from Mexico and
also to increase the Democratic Party
roles and so Corona was working with
people like I've got a letter from the
seventies asking for Corona and Cesar
Chavez and others others in this network
to find promising young Chicano
activists to send to Moscow to train and
patrice lumumba school the big training
school for foreign communists to teach
them about revolution through promoting
at slander the return of the southern
states to mexico so this is this is old
and now it's being being supported by
sinfronteras out of chicago which is run
by the Lozano family which is that
they're running a lot of this support
networks for the for the people jumping
in the border and they're a communist
party family pro Soviet Communist Party
family of since a long time back and
then you've got acorn working down in
Honduras and they worked on voter
registration right of the states but now
they are I believe also driving the
caravans up I've been told stories about
this but nothing I can prove that the
Cubans are also involved in this and
left-wing forces in Honduras as well 
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