Introduction - mainstream media and Big Tech censorship

Watch this short video: Scripted Reality. It's a real eye-opener.


Six state media propaganda machines


Watch: The Government's Mass Censorship Campaign

U.S. Supreme Court says it’s OK for federal government to outsource online censorship to Big Tech, curtailing free speech of all Americans - Make no mistake, this was a cowardly cop out by the highest court in the nation, showing it is intimidated by the American deep state, by Leo Hohmann, 26 June 2024.

Supreme Court deals crushing blow to American liberty, Revolver, 26 June 2024.

The Supreme Court Is Not Going To Save You, by John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist, 26 June 2024.

Supremely Wrong: Court Ruling on Murthy Misses Point Entirely - The plaintiffs had their content throttled or removed from social media platforms at the behest of the government, California Globe, 27 June 2024.

The Government’s Plan To Criminalize Your Thoughts, by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Lew Rockwell, 12 January 2024.

CensorTrack Database Surpasses 6,000 Documented Cases of Big Tech Censorship, by Gabriela Pariseau, mrc News Busters, 17 October 2023.

The Censorship “Switchboard”: A New Layer to the Biden Administration’s "Orwellian Ministry of Truth", by Jonathan Turley, Lew Rockwell, 11 November 2023.

Totalized Censorship, by Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News, 20 February 2023:

The fate of Sy Hersh's Democracy Now! interview on YouTube is the latest indication of how much rougher press suppression is in this new media era....

I have watched many times as journalists, surrendering themselves for the sake of their professional careers, train themselves to hear the silent language that tells them what to say and what to leave unsaid. And then, over time, you find them giving vigorous voice to thoughts and beliefs imposed upon them, absolutely convinced these are their own thoughts and beliefs and they have come by them independently....

... we are led to ask whether the promise of independent journalism can be extinguished by way of a totalized system of censorship.... the line between the national security state and corporate media has not been merely blurred in the post–2001 era: It is now more or less eliminated, as documents such as the Twitter Files make clear....

What are we to do as an era of totalized censorship appears to be upon us? Subscribing to the independent publication of your choice would be a conscientious start.

How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media? - The media has ceased to exist, and the public plods on by assuming as true whatever the media suppresses and as false whatever the media covers, by Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness, 4 December 2022:

The current “media”—loosely defined as the old major newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, the network news channels, MSNBC and CNN, PBS and NPR, the online news aggregators like Google, Apple, and Yahoo, and the social media giants like the old Twitter and Facebook—are corrupt.

They have adopted in their news coverage a utilitarian view that noble progressive ends justify almost any unethical means to obtain them. The media is unapologetically fused with the Democratic Party, the bicoastal liberal elite, and the progressive agenda.

The result is that the public cannot trust that the news it hears or reads is either accurate or true. The news as presented by these outlets has been carefully filtered to suppress narratives deemed inconvenient or antithetical to the political objectives of these entities, while inflating themes deemed useful....

In sum, there is no media. It has ceased to exist, and the public plods on by assuming as true whatever the Pravda-like news outlets suppress and as false whatever they cover.

Barry Casselman observed in the 15 January 2017 American Thinker article, The 'News' Media as We Knew It Is Finished, that:

... confidence in media news reporting had long been in decline before Donald Trump appeared on the stage. Years of incessant political correctness had been enforced in the establishment media generally, not just in news reporting, and many Americans simply did not buy this ideological product.

Self-communicating and self-congratulatory, the establishment media had little idea of how perilous their public standing was. By overplaying their hand in the autumn of 2016, they brought the whole media credibility issue to its threshold.

The media establishment did have one major clue to their fundamental problem: falling ratings, falling circulation, falling advertising. Their response has been to interpret these phenomena as simply a problem of technology, including the rise of the internet and social media. The icons of the golden age of news reporting such as The New York Times; the Washington Post; and the major TV, cable, and radio networks are today often caricatures of news reporting. They survive only because their primary audiences are in large urban centers, where their bias coincides with their readers, listeners, and viewers. For this reason, they cannot go back to fair and balanced news reporting – because their own economic bases will not let them. Outside these urban pockets, their national credibility is gone...

In the 24 July 2019 article, Mark Levin has done it again!, John Dale Dunn writes:

... I applaud his seventh New York Times bestseller as of June 15, 2019, Unfreedom of the Press, where Mr. Levin provides a scholarly historical discussion of American journalism, and exposes current journalism as a source of progressive socialist partisanship that poisons American political life....

Mr. Levin educates the reader on the partisan nature of newspapermen and reporters in 18th- and 19th-century America, but his book moves forward in time to explain the problem of increasingly activist ideological journalism and media that have negatively impacted American politics and brought on an age of intellectual totalitarianism....

As Levin explains, a tunnel-vision, monolithic political group in charge of modern media results in a propaganda-type situation with biased selection and even misrepresentation of the news. The media are so committed that they believe that those who disagree are evil, a classic sign of the True Believer syndrome described by Eric Hoffer. They think there is only one way of thinking: leftist-statist-progressive. Moreover, as with all True Believers, the goal is suppression or destruction of opponents and opposing those who disagree with them, embracing the activist progressive philosophy, using the media power they have to promote their ideology opposed to American founding principles and the traditions, politics, mores, and fundamental elements of Western civilization....

Levin warns that the republic requires a functional and honest media, not a propaganda organ for progressivism. A great republic cannot survive without a media committed to constitutional limited government by the consent of the governed. The social and political fiber of America cannot survive a media establishment that is a propaganda organ of the socialist statists.

In an essay titled “Freedom of the Press,” intended to be the introduction to Animal Farm, George Orwell wrote:

... the chief danger to freedom of thought and speech at this moment is not the direct interference of ... any official body. If publishers and editors exert themselves to keep certain topics out of print, it is not because they are frightened of prosecution but because they are frightened of public opinion. In this country intellectual cowardice is the worst enemy a writer or journalist has to face... The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary....

Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban... the same kind of veiled censorship also operates in books and periodicals, as well as in plays, films, and radio. At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to say this, that or the other, but it is “not done” to say it. . . Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals....

If one loves democracy, the argument runs, one must crush its enemies by no matter what means. And who are its enemies? It always appears that they are not only those who attack it openly and consciously, but those who “objectively” endanger it by spreading mistaken doctrines. In other words, defending democracy involves destroying all independence of thought. ...

... if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you....

Orwell's warning is notably applicable to America today.

Orwell - boy did I call it

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How American Journalism Became a Mouthpiece of the Deep State - The intelligence community uses the media to manipulate the American people and pressure elected politicians, by Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative, 24 May 2021.

9 Major Revelations from the NYT Best Seller 'Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media's Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption', Breitbart, 27 May 2021.

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