Others need jobs, too

Letter date: 
9 July 2013
Letter publisher: 
Aspen Times
Letter author: 
Marty Lich
Letter body: 
Dear Editor:
Having read “They need to be in our shoes to understand us” (July 8, The Aspen Times), there are two statements that need clarification.
The first being this gentleman doesn’t feel he is stealing anyone’s job — that he is simply doing the hard work. If he is filling a job, he is taking that job slot. If American residents do not want that job, U.S. employers can hire through both the H2A and the H2B visa programs currently.
A little history lesson is called for here regarding the second comment of “they’ll put a fence around the border. It will be just like Germany.” The border fence in the U.S. is to protect our country from unlawful entrance. The wall in Germany was built to trap her citizens inside. No one could leave.
Last comment regarding the Senate bill and to “think of the majority.” Correct. The majority of polled Americans do not want an amnesty nor any new immigration reform. We want what was promised to us back in 1986 — a secured border and enforced current law(s).
So please, do walk in our African-American and our youth’s shoes and stop any amnesty “reform.” Start employing the above-mentioned who, per the labor force statistics, have a unemployment rate of 23.7 percent and 16.1 percent, respectively.
Marty Lich