‘I Lost My Best Friend:’ American Father Fights for Justice Years After Son is Killed by Illegal Alien on Father’s Day

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John Binder
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17 June 2018
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Our American Future
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An American father and mother are continuing to fight for justice for their son, who was killed 18 years ago on Father’s Day in a car crash that left their family separated for life.
Billy and Kathy Inman were traveling with their son, Dustin, on Father’s Day through north Georgia when they were hit from behind by Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez, an illegal alien from Mexico.
Dustin was killed instantly, while Billy was in a hospital for two weeks and Kathy was in a coma for more than a month. Neither of them were able to attend Dustin’s funeral because of their injuries.
“I lost my best friend,” Billy told CBS 46 in a recent interview. “My little buddy. This is something I want nobody else to have to go through.”
After the car crash, the illegal alien spoke to detectives but fled when he was instructed to go to the hospital. Investigators with the federal government now say Harrell-Gonzalez has been living freely in Mexico.
Today, Billy and Kathy—who is bound to a wheelchair because of the accident—are continuing to seek justice for the illegal alien killer of their son, telling CBS 46 that they have spoken to President Trump about their fight....


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