“Every 48 seconds, another person attempts to illegally cross our southern border. That’s 1,809 people per day.

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Edwin S. Rubenstein
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7 February 2019
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National News
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January’s job report was widely acclaimed by the MSM. And why not? The economy added 304,000 jobs, despite headwinds from a government shutdown that halted wages  for roughly 800,000 federal workers and sidelined more than one million private sector workers dependent on government contracts. ...

Economist George Borjas estimates that every 10 percentage-point increase in the foreign-born share of employment reduces native-born Americans’ wages by 3% to 4%. [Immigration and the American Worker, by George Borjas, CIS.org, April 9, 2013, and Yes, Immigration Hurts American Workers Politico, October 2016]

Since mid-2009 the foreign-born employment share has risen by about 2.6 percentage points—implying that wages would be about 1% higher than they are today had an immigration moratorium been in effect since then....

Native-born American workers lost ground to their foreign-born competitors throughout the Obama years; this trend accelerated significantly in the months leading up to the 2016 election. Half way through his first term, President Trump has still not broken this trend....