1/2 Million China Virus Illegal Cases Might Infect 2 Million Americans

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Canada Free Press
Article date: 
15 August 2021
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National News
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America drowns in illegal entries, while struggling against a new Covid variant, Delta. Last month, 250,000 illegals entered the USA without permission. The US Government  regularly breaks laws and violates agreements to allow most to remain. What’s the cost? One figure cites $400 per person per night for hotels, or $71,666.67 per migrant, yearly, according to Axios. Last July, America spent millions housing newly arrived illegals, whereas 2 million per year would add many billions. Some claim this is overestimated, yet in 2017 it was estimated costs for the entire illegal population was $746.3 billion. And for amnesty?

Consider, “If 10 million illegal immigrants receive amnesty, total cost to Social Security and Medicare Part A would be roughly $1.3 trillion in present value, equivalent to a one-time transfer of 6% of GDP.” And: Since 63% of non-citizen households collect government welfare, so “Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $750 billion over lifetime.”...

Our border is the busiest in 2 decades.Covid is surging. Upon entering office, Biden stated his number one policy was the Covid fight. So, since Biden knows of the staggering number of new sick illegals, then immediately sending them across the US daily must be meant to sicken America, right? It’s insanely perverse to demand new lockdowns and masks while pretending you’re not importing infected emigres monthly by the hundreds of thousands....

In July 2021, ICE determined 212,672 illegals entered America. The WAPost reported 1,000 undetected illegals cross each day. So ¼ million immigrants entered in July, with 19,000 unaccompanied kids. Experts believe at least 20% of these are Covid infected. Border sheriffs claim 50% are infected, while the NYTimes admits: “Covid on the Border: Migrants Aren’t Tested on Arrival in U.S.!.!” Therefore, by conservative assumptions, at least 50,000 infected aliens entered the US last month, then were immediately relocated across America, without notice or permission. One million illegals were arrested by June. At this increased pace, 2.5 million illegals will arrive by year’s end. So, at least ½ million Covid cases will be imported. Covid numbers are higher than the general population because many come seeking medical aid for the virus. Yet, 30% of illegals also refuse a vaccine....


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