12-Year-old Colorado kid wins big for wearing Gadsden patch

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30 August 2023
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Colorado News
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Colorado school board votes to allow Jaiden to wear “Don’t Tread on Me” patch on school grounds

Victory for the 1st Amendment! pic.twitter.com/L6IVd5rwkH

— DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) August 30, 2023

... A school in Colorado is about to be very sorry for treading all over one very patriotic 12-year-old boy, because this kid is bringing out the big guns, with not one,  but TWO law firms offering to represent him. So, what happened? Well, the school booted young Jaiden from class because he was carrying a “Gadsen flag,” ...

... young Jaiden has two law firms offering to back him up...


Colorado Controversy Raises Questions Over The Meaning Of The Gadsden Flag, by Jonathan Turley, ZeroHedge, 31 August 2023.