2023's Alarming Excess Deaths: Dr. Campbell's Analysis (Video)

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RAIR Foundation
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2 October 2023
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National News
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In a thought-provoking video released on September 24, Dr. John Campbell presented a comprehensive analysis of excess deaths in 2023. Dr. Campbell highlighted the data collected from various sources, including the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Our World in Data, and the Office for National Statistics in the UK. His analysis has raised concerns about the excess deaths observed in several countries and led to discussions about the potential causes. In addition to discussing the statistical findings, he drew a parallel between the conformist societies of the past and the challenges faced by societies in the West today...

Dr. Campbell made an intriguing connection between conformist societies of the past, such as Nazi Germany, and the pressures faced by individuals in contemporary Western societies. He emphasized the importance of questioning the prevailing narratives and having the courage to stand against conformity when necessary. Drawing inspiration from historical figures who resisted conformism, Dr. Campbell encouraged critical thinking and independent analysis of data...

Additionally, his discussion on societal conformity serves as a reminder of the importance of independent thought and the willingness to challenge the prevailing narrative...