228 House Dems Vote Against Protecting American Votes from Being Canceled by Illegal Aliens

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Western Journal
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14 March 2019
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National News
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ederal law prohibits non-citizens — much less illegal [alien] immigrants — from participating in U.S. federal elections, but that hasn’t stopped some Democrats in Congress from attempting to legislatively extend the right to vote to non-citizens and illegals, at least on the local municipality level … for now, so they say.

The Washington Times reported that a majority of House Democrats voted on Friday in favor of supporting localities that allow for legal non-citizens and even illegal aliens to vote in local elections, such as for school board members and other local matters, a growing trend among mostly blue cities and states run by Democrats.

The question arose as part of a larger debate over Democrat legislation known as H.R. 1, which would completely overhaul the U.S. elections system and processes. The measure within that legislation on illegals voting in local elections was put forward by Republicans as a way to make clear that illegals and non-citizens had no right to participate in any elections — federal, state or local...