25 percent of motorists cited for DUI lack a drivers license

Article author: 
Burt Hubbard
Article publisher: 
Summit Daily
Article date: 
2 June 2014
Article category: 
Colorado News
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One of every four motorists cited for drinking and driving in Colorado over the past two years was driving at the time without a valid license because it had been revoked, suspended or never issued.
And more than one-fifth had lost their driving privileges for a prior drunken driving conviction.
In one notorious Aurora case, [illegal alien] Ever Olivos-Gutierrez, 40, allegedly driving drunk, ran a red light and smashed into a car being driven by Juan Carlos Dominquez-Palomino, 17, killing him two months before he was to graduate from high school.
Olivos-Gutierrez had never had a Colorado driver’s license and had been cited for two previous DUIs when he was involved in the deadly March 24 crash.
That same day, 10 other drivers across Colorado were cited for drinking while driving without a valid license. Five of them — from Pueblo to Colorado Springs to Mesa County — had lost their licenses for prior DUIs.
Rocky Mountain PBS I-News and 9News analyzed electronic court records of 45,637 DUIs issued in Colorado from April 2012 through April 2014.
The analysis did not include Denver County Court, where court officials said they could not determine how many of the 13,200 motorists charged with drinking and driving over the two years had no valid driver’s license at the time.
The analysis found:
• One-fourth or 10,978 of the 45,637 driving while intoxicated or impaired citations were issued to drivers who had previously had their licenses suspended, restrained or did not have a license. That’s an average of 15 a day without including Denver.
• At least 2,294 of those drivers, or three a day, had lost their driving privileges for a prior driving and drinking arrest.
• More than 250 separate law enforcement agencies in the state had stopped at least one driver for drinking and driving without a license....
In the March 24 fatality, Aurora police arrived on the scene at East Colfax Avenue and Dayton Street and found the alleged assailant, Olivos-Gutierrez, in his car without a driver’s license.
The driving drunk without a license scenario was repeated more than once a day over the past two years for a total of 1,141 times in Colorado’s third largest city.
When police looked up Olivos-Gutierrez’s record, they found he had been cited for two prior DUIs. That has happened 211 times with other drivers in Aurora during the two years. Olivos-Gutierrez now faces first degree murder charges in connection with the fatal crash...
The analysis also showed the percentage of DUIs given to motorists with no valid license varied by jurisdiction.

Among large jurisdictions, 36 percent of DUIs issued by Pueblo, 34 percent by the Adams County sheriff, and 32 percent by Greeley police went to drivers without licenses....



Illegal aliens who sneak into the United States and avoid capture at our border routinely drive without drivers licenses. It also appears that they have a proclivity to drive drunk.
Yet the mainstream media routinely avoid reporting on this obvious and well-known relationship. The reason why they gloss over the connection must surely be that the MSM do not want the American people to know the root cause of the problem, which is that:
The open borders and immigration law un-enforcement policies of the Obama administration are drawing ever more illegal aliens into America, where they not only undermine American wages, but drive illegally and kill both other illegal aliens as well as Americans on our roads and highways.

A man in the country illegally who’s accused of killing a teenager in a drunken-driving crash in Aurora was previously held in jail but wasn’t picked up by federal immigration officials