30-Foot Border Wall Begins Construction In California

Article author: 
Jason Hopkins
Article publisher: 
Daily Caller
Article date: 
23 February 2019
Article category: 
National News
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Several days after President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, construction began on the fifth border wall project of his administration.
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Tuesday that work has started on replacing 14 miles of a steel-mesh fence along the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego, The Associated Press reported. The fence is being replaced with 30-foot high steel bollards. It is actually the second layer of barrier to be put up in the area, with the first layer nearly complete....
Trump signed into law an appropriations bill earlier in February that doles out $1.375 billion for 55 miles of new wall, an amount immigration hardliners said was not enough. However, the president then took the controversial step on Feb. 15 of declaring a national emergency, which allowed him to allocate a total of about $8 billion in federal funds....