7,000 Strong Honduran Illegal Caravan to Hit US Border by Election Day — Second Caravan Starts Up

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Who is orchestrating and paying for this level of theatrics? Why just before the midterm elections?
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Jim Hoft
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Gareway Pundit
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22 October 2018
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National News
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The illegal migrant caravan is sweeping through Chiapas in southern Mexico on Sunday, their numbers having jumped to over 7,000 overnight from just a few thousand as it became apparent the caravan would not be stopped by Mexico. After blocking the migrants on a bridge Friday, Mexican officials allowed the migrants to swim and raft across the Suchiate River from Guatemala into Mexico Saturday and then regroup in a riverside park. Mexico also allowed over 600 women and children to legally enter for processing on Saturday....

And now a second caravan has started up in Honduras on its way to the United States....




Growing Invasion Force Overwhelms Mexican Authorities – Approximately 10,000 Now Traveling through Mexico to U.S. Southern Border, Conservative Treehouse, October 12, 2018.

Migrant Caravan Points Way to GOP Midterm Success, by Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker, October 22, 2018:

Conjuring up images dating back to biblical days of people braving hardship during their travels, the media has coopted the term for political benefit to describe a horde of illegal immigrants heading to the U.S. just ahead of a major election.

They are neither merchants nor pilgrims. I doubt they are facing severe hardship during their journey as most of their basic needs are being met courtesy of wealthy benefactors.

The current caravan is a group of four- to seven-thousand Hondurans, traveling from Honduras to the United States. Google Maps shows the distance between Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, and Brownsville, Texas, the most logical border city, as about 1,600 miles, a 515-hour trek on foot....

Assuming generously that the caravan walks 10 hours a day, it will take the group 46 days to reach the U.S., long after the upcoming midterm election. It’s also safe to assume that they are riding most of the way, on trucks or busses.

Interestingly, the caravan consists primarily of military-aged men, as opposed to women and children, as this photo from the Daily Mail demonstrates. Women and children are few, and mainly being used as photo props. The migrant hordes entering Europe from the Middle East were also primarily young men....

What the media is surprisingly incurious about is who is paying for this journey. Thousands of adults and children on a 45-day trek, need food, water, bathroom facilities, first aid, and other services that all cost money. ...

Some 150 million adults worldwide would migrate to the U.S. if they could. Bringing their children, parents, and extended families could double this number, and double the U.S. population if they all actually came here. That would fulfill Barack Obama’s dream of “fundamentally transforming America” although not in a good way....


PHOTOS: Growing Army of 5,000 Migrants March Toward U.S. Border Aided by Mexico, Breitbart, October 22, 2018.

Hondurans Paint Swastika On American Flag, Set It On Fire; Wave Honduran Flags, Give Us The Finger, Information Liberation, OCtober 21, 2018.

Why caravan migrants wave Honduran flags and burn tires in front of U.S. embassy, by Monica Showalter, American Thinker, October 22, 2018:
Waving the flag of the country they're desperate not to be sent back to, and burning tires in front of the Tegucigalpa-located embassy of the nation they're supposedly desperate to live in, the Honduras caravan migrants, their organizers and their supporters don't exactly come off as big fans of the United States. 
And as it happened, it was led by the Guatemala-arrested-and-deported organizer of the caravan, the far-left Honduran politician and supporter of Hugo Chavez and Mel "cowboy hat" Zelaya, Bartolo Fuentes....
The caravan is exposing the ugly underbelly of what it's really about -- an invasion of sorts, a conquest, a bid to lay gringo low - rather than a legitimate interest in legally immigrating and assimilating into the American melting pot. The only thing such anti-American haters could possibly want in demanding to be let in, legally or not, seems to be benefits, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, and to stick it into law-abiding America's faces that they're the ones who determine what the law is, not the Americans they hate. For the criminal population among them, there's also the bigger mayhem opportunities....
Obviously, the caravan and its organizing leaders are intending to be a test case for President Trump, with a the defiant message that they'll cross the U.S. border any time they like, immigration laws be damned. ...

Mexico Says There Are Up to 10,000 in the Caravan Heading for US, by S.Noble, Independent Sentinal, October 21, 2018.

Immigration Expert Jessica Vaughan: Four Ways Trump Can Solve Migrant Caravan Crisis, Breitbart, October 22, 2018:

1 – Close the Border

2 – Refuse Bogus Asylum Claims

3 – Refuse Entry to Migrants and Send Them Home

4 – Mandate Asylum Claims be Made in Consulates or Embassies in Home Countries, Not U.S. Ports of Entry


Listen–Pat Buchanan: Migrant Caravan Is Trump’s Chance to Stop ‘Third World Invasion of the West’, Patrick Buchanan, Breitbart, October 22, 2018.




Overpopulation is a key factor in perpetuating mass poverty in Central America, resulting in the predictable mass migration to more stable countries such as the United States. American women voluntarily reached replacement level fertility (2.1 children per woman) in 1972. Yet ironically Congress is forcing U.S. population to double within the lifetimes of children born today because of mass immigration.

In Central America, population momentum will cause its population to grow for decades after replacement level fertility is reached.