ACLU Sues as Jeff Sessions Wins 'Dramatic' Drop in Migrant Asylum

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Neil Munro
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8 August 2018
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National News
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The ACLU is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions as his asylum reforms are causing a “dramatic” drop in the number of economic migrants who pass the initial credible-fear test needed to win asylum and get jobs in the United States.
“Starting in January 2018, court findings of credible fear began to plummet,” says a report by TRAC Reports, Inc., a non-profit based at Syracuse University which collects asylum and immigration-related data. The “dramatic change” is shown in the data, says TRAC...
The latest results include the impact of reforms set in 2017 by Sessions, who is gradually reversing the catch-and-release policies put in place by former President Barack Obama....
The flow of economic migrants into the United States was jump-started in 2010 by pro-migration policies set by deputies for President Barack Obama. Since then, roughly 500,000 poor Central American migrants have since settled in the United States, including many who were granted provisional asylum because Obama’s deputies declared they would provide asylum to people who claimed abuse by spouses or threats from gangs.
In 2015, a judge declared that border officials must release migrants who bring children, so creating the huge “Flores” loophole and prompting a wave of child-carrying migrants....



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