AFL-CIO Sees Illegal Aliens as 'Recruits'

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Matthew Boyle
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13 November 2013
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Our American Future
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Some may have wondered why Big Labor and unions like the AFL-CIO would support amnesty when it would drive unemployment numbers up and wages down, particularly for workers who are members of those unions. Now, according to the Huffington Post, the AFL-CIO's position is much clearer: it views illegal aliens as potential “recruits.”

“That's what some natives don't understand,” Tefere Gebre, an AFL-CIO vice president, said in an interview with the Huffington Post focusing on his new leadership role with the union.

Specifically, Gebre was referring to what the Huffington Post’s Dave Jamieson described as how “many Americans don't appreciate the ambitions harbored by the foreign-born who journey here.”...

In response to this revelation, a GOP congressional aide told Breitbart News that it is now clearer than ever that the special interests pushing amnesty could care less about the American people—or even the illegal aliens they purport to be helping.

“The game is up: corporate cronies want a flood of cheap labor and hard-left labor unions want a flood of new ‘recruits,’” the GOP aide said in an email. “This plan would serve the agenda of the President quite nicely, but would permanently damage the interests of all Americans and the Republican party.”