Viswo: African migrants discover U.S. immigration loopholes -First all-African large group nabbed at border

Article author: 
Stephen Dinan
Article publisher: 
Washington Times
Article date: 
1 June 2019
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National News
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Border authorities nabbed a group of 116 illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] from Africa this week, saying it’s the first time they’ve found Africans taking advantage of the large-group tactic Central American migrants have learned to abuse.

The Africans were caught Thursday night near the border crossing in Del Rio, Texas — though instead of presenting themselves at the port of entry, they jumped the border, an official told reporters.

Like Central American groups, this one was comprised of children and families, and appeared to be attempting to exploit the same loopholes the Central Americans discovered they could use to gain an illegal foothold in the U.S. and escape deportation.

“Bring a child, get released,” said a Customs and Border Protection official.

CBP said the group included people from Angola, Cameroon and Congo. 


The first large group of 116 migrants from AFRICA are caught on video wading across the Rio Grande to illegally enter the U.S., Daily Mail, UK. June 2, 2019:

    A group of 116 African migrants illegally crossed into the U.S Thursday evening around 10.30pm
    Men and women were caught on video wading in the waist-deep water of the Rio Grande with children on their shoulders to enter the U.S. in Texas 
    The group hailed from Angola, Cameroon and the Congo 
    They were apprehended by agents at the Del Rio Sector of the border 
    According to Border Patrol it's the first large group from Africa to try and breach the U.S. border by way of Mexico 
    In this fiscal year alone Border Patrol has encountered 182 large groups of more than 100 individuals across the Southwest border....