After first lying about her corrupt bill, Pelosi has finally agreed to abandon it

Article author: 
Andrea Widburg
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
25 March 2020
Article category: 
National News
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Derek Hunter put it best:

The words necessary to accurately describe how opportunistic and disgusting the behavior of Democrats has been over the third coronavirus bill has been are not fit for a family audience. Take every four-letter word you can imagine, square it, and create a few new ones and you’ll be close to describing people who see one Republican Senator diagnosed with coronavirus and 4 others in self-quarantine because of possible exposure as “leverage.”

The shame that Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Murphy, and all the rest should feel (but don’t) must never be forgotten, and they should never be allowed to hide from it. Saving the economy of the United States from collapse is not the venue to insist on “Green” agenda items and payoffs to unions. Yet these piles of human garbage are counting on a few things they know will give them cover in order to play this game of Russian Roulette…with the gun to the heads of Americans.


When presented with a choice to help the American people, Democrats prioritized THEIR people over all people, their agenda over the good of nation; they drew a line in the sand to give money to their donors, to push unrelated agenda items that will excite their base, and tell everyone else they can go to hell. No, they can. They deserve to, because they are truly bad people.

However, as Hunter notes, while it shouldn’t be forgotten, the nature of politics is that it probably will be forgotten. First, people have short memories; second, the media lies to protect Democrats; and third, the media will blame President Trump for anything that goes wrong with the economy.

We can only hope that, when November comes around and this is all a distant memory, people can summon up the sense of revulsion they must feel now against the morally bankrupt, opportunistic Democrats, and vote accordingly.