AG Sessions Set to Block Millions in Funding to Sanctuaries

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Sanctuary cities of Denver to lose $426,590, Boulder to lose $49,602
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Center for Immigration Studies
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27 July 2017
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Colorado News
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions moved one step closer this week to fulfilling the Trump administration promise of blocking millions in funding to sanctuary jurisdictions. The Center for Immigration Studies has a new map displaying the sanctuary jurisdictions most likely to lose access to certain DOJ grants, based on the severity of their current sanctuary policies.
Sessions announced that state and local jurisdictions will lose access to certain federal law enforcement grants in 2017 if they prohibit officials from communicating with ICE, if they block ICE from interviewing jail inmates, and if they fail to notify ICE of the pending release of criminal aliens ICE is seeking to deport. These rules apply to the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, which are the largest source of federal criminal justice funds for state, local, and tribal authorities; Trump has requested $380 million for 2018.
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Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies and author of the analysis, notes, "The four largest Byrne/JAG grants in 2016, worth more than $10 million, all went to sanctuaries jurisdictions: New York City; Cook County, Ill.; the City of Los Angeles; and Philadelphia. The Department of Justice should cut them off unless they change their policies. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing local governments that interfere with immigration enforcement and endanger the public."
The Byrne/JAG grants are one of three programs now off-limits to sanctuaries. Last year, Rep. John Culberson, in his capacity as chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that controls DOJ's budget, imposed requirements for basic compliance with the federal law on sanctuaries for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, which offers partial reimbursement for the costs of incarcerating illegal aliens, and the Community Oriented Policing grant program. A number of jurisdictions have changed their policies as a result.



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