Agency Officials Offer Surprise Giveaway to 400,000 Indian, Chinese White-Collar Visa Workers

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26 September 2020
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National News
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President Donald Trump’s deputies at the departments of state and homeland security are offering a huge giveaway to at least 400,000 foreign visa workers and their Fortune 500 employers just before the November election....

The people who are getting screwed are likely Trump voters,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies. “This policy is sticking a knife in the back of [college graduate] people who would be his supporters.”
Trump can quickly reverse his deputies’ hidden, pre-election giveaway, said Vaughan, “if he finds out about it.”...
The State Department is offering green cards to roughly 120,000 additional visa workers because they took jobs needed by college graduate Americans....
The second and bigger giveaway is by the officials at the Department of Homeland Security. They have offered early “filing” approval to many people in the huge backlog of Chinese and Indian visa workers. This giveaway means that Indian visa workers who asked for green cards before January 2015, via the EB-3 track for ordinary, inexperienced workers, can get the job market equivalent of a green card from Trump’s DHS deputies. That prize is a renewable work permit, dubbed an “Employment Authorization Document,” also called a “green card lite.”...