Alex Jones and the Freedom of Speech

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Andrew P. Napolitano
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Article date: 
14 October 2022
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National News
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...  When the First Amendment was ratified, America was a bold experiment in personal liberty. Yet, the First Amendment only restrained Congress. After the Civil War amendments were added to the Constitution, the courts interpreted the 14th Amendment so as to apply the First Amendment to the states as well.

Stated differently, in modern free speech jurisprudence, the First Amendment prohibits all branches of government — legislative, executive and judicial — and all governments — local, state and federal — from interfering with or punishing the freedom of speech....

After the Sandy Hook massacre, [Alex] Jones opined that it did not happen as the press and the government related it; that it was a set-up by anti-gun activists using actors and props... 

His speech was absolutely protected under modern jurisprudence... 

When the parents of the murdered children sued Jones for defamation and mental distress, Jones moved to dismiss the complaints....

... Jones’ two recent trials addressed his wealth, not his liability. He was ordered to pay more than $1 billion.... This is a profound injustice to Alex Jones and to all who are engaged in the opinion business; and it begs for a reversal...