Almost a Million Illegal Aliens Have Apprehended at the Border Since January

Article author: 
Katelyn Caralle, Daily Mail
Article publisher: 
American Renaissance
Article date: 
16 July 2021
Article category: 
National News
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From January to May, 711,784 migrants [illegal aliens] were encountered by Customs and Border Protection at the southern border – five times the amount during the same period in 2020 – and the Biden administration is on track to encounter 1 million by the end of July.
CBP’s latest data, released in June, show that there were 180,034 encounters with illegal crossers in May, the highest of any month in the last 20 years. The spike in migration under President Joe Biden‘s administration continues to grow with no signs of it coming to a stop any time soon.
The numbers for June have not yet been updated on CBP’s webpage, but pictures emerge at least weekly of groups of hundreds of migrants [illegal aliens] turning themselves over to U.S. immigration authorities at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Border officials are expected to reveal that they encountered 188,000 illegal immigrants in June, a knowledgeable source revealed, according to the Washington Examiner.
If the current apprehension trajectory continues, CBP will have encountered more than 1 million illegal immigrants at the southern border by late July – when Biden reaches his six month mark in office....
‘The exponential rise in illegal crossings at the border speaks to a crisis of leadership in Washington,’ North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn told ‘The American people have made it abundantly clear that a secure southern border is of the utmost importance. However, the pleas of our southern states have fallen on deaf ears in the White House.’
‘A nation without borders is a nation destined to fall, and every day that the Biden Administration fails to act, is another day that they have failed the American people,’ he added....


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