Amazon Thanks GOP/Dems for Passing Green Card Giveaway for Big Tech

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Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) led the effort to displace American workers
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John Binder
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11 July 2019
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Our American Future
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Amazon, the multinational corporation run by billionaire Jeff Bezos, is thanking the 140 House Republicans and 224 House Democrats for passing legislation that will reinforce Silicon Valley’s cheap labor, outsourcing business model.

On Wednesday, 140 House Republicans, 224 House Democrats, and Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) — led by Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) — voted to allow Indian nationals to effectively monopolize the U.S. green card system for at least ten years, providing a constant stream of foreign workers that American professionals will be forced to compete against for white-collar jobs....

The Indian outsourcing lobby, including Cognizant Technology Solutions, which has to import tens of thousands of foreign workers through the H-1B visa to replace Americans, and tech conglomerates like Microsoft Corp lobbied Republicans and Democrats hard to pass the legislation, known as HR. 1044.
The bill changes existing immigration law that prevents one country from monopolizing the U.S. green card system by placing a per-country cap on the number of green cards that each country is allotted every year....
Many American workers have spoken out about how they were fired, replaced, and forced to train their foreign replacements....
... “This misguided bill will continue Big Tech’s strategy of importing cheap foreign labor to replace Americans,” Gosar said.
“Currently the government estimates that 90 percent of the beneficiaries of this law will be citizens from India,” Gosar continued....

Jessica Vaughan: GOP/Dems Reward Big Tech’s ‘Indentured Servitude’ with Green Card Giveaway, Breitbart, July 11, 2019:

House Republicans and Democrats are rewarding the “indentured servitude” business model of Silicon Valley’s tech conglomerates with a bill that allows Indian nationals to monopolize the United States’ green card system, an expert says.
In an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight, Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan said the 140 House Republicans and 224 House Democrats who voted to back fast-tracking green cards for hundreds of thousands of Indian nationals who came to the U.S. to take high-paying American jobs is an “indefensible” position that rewards the outsourcing, cheap labor business model of Silicon Valley....

House’s Outsourcing Bill Threatens McConnell’s Home State, Senate Majority, Breitbart, July 12, 2019:

... On Wednesday, House Republicans allowed the Democrats to pass an outsourcing bill which dangles citizenship in front of hundreds of thousands of Indian graduates if they take more jobs from American graduates.

The House bill, HR.1044, passed Wednesday by 365 to 65 after a multi-year, stealthy lobbying campaign by Silicon Valley lobbyists which was fronted by ethnic advocacy groups. The lobbies were led by Mark Zuckerberg’ s network of Silicon Valley investors and other technology companies, including Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, and were aided by a near-total blackout by establishment media outlets, such as Bezos’ Washington Post.

The bill now goes to the Senate where the tech lobbyists and investors have already pushed a similar job-outsourcing, salary-cutting, American-replacement bill to the Senate floor.

This outsourcing push is very unpopular among the Republicans’ MAGA base who have felt first-hand the painful impact of legal and illegal immigration on their own incomes, families, and status. The HR.1044 bill is not an amnesty, but it and the Democrats’ DACA amnesty are “crucial,” said one of the Zuckerberg lobbyists who pushed HR.1044....

‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty Architect Declares Victory as GOP/Dems Pass Green Card Giveaway, Breitbart, July 13, 2019.