American Worker Displacement Soars; New Immigration Surge Underway?

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Edwin S. Rubenstein
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7 August 2016
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National News
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From a distance it all looks good: 255,000 jobs added to payrolls in July, a bigger-than-expected gain that suggests the country’s growth rate may be more robust than thought just two months ago; unemployment remains at 4.9%; and the labor force participation rate, while still near all- time lows, bumps up to 62.8% from 62.7% in June.

Establishment economists couldn’t contain themselves...

... new entrants are surging into the U.S. labor market. But as you can see in the table at the bottom of this article, most the this “surge” is from overseas. (The foreign-born immigrant labor force grew 5-times faster than the native-born American labor force over the past 12 months)...

... the slowdown in hiring evident earlier this year does seem to have reversed—but immigrants, not native-born Americans, are the overwhelming benefactors. (Over the past two months immigrants have gained 647,000 jobs—a 2.6% gain—while American workers have lost have lost 160,000, a 0.1% loss.

While July saw a robust 420,000 gain in Household Survey employment, the foreign-born component surged more than twice as fast as the native-born.

In July

    Total Household Survey employment rose by 420,000, up by 0.3%
    Native-born employment rose by 292,000, up by 0.2%
    Foreign-born employment rose by 128,000, up by 0.5%

While Native-born American workers have lost ground to their foreign-born immigrant competitors throughout the Obama years, the trend has accelerated significantly over the past few months...



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