Ann Coulter: ‘Let’s Start by Deporting the DREAMers!’

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Ann Coulter
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26 December 2017
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National News
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“Let’s start by deporting the DREAMers,” quipped Ann Coulter in a Monday-aired interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with Breitbart News’s Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow.
The status quo of demographic change wrought by immigration — both lawful and unlawful — must change in order to “save the country,” said Coulter...
Without border security to halt the flow of foreigners illegally immigrating to America and deportations of swathes of foreigners illegally in the homeland, it is “lights out for America,” added Coulter.
“Unless [DREAMers] are not deported, they’re all becoming citizens,” warned Coulter.
“Widespread, unchecked, unfettered immigration,” said Marlow, is an existential threat to the continuity of American values...
Birthright citizenship must also end, agreed both Coulter and Marlow. Automatic extension of citizenship to “anchor babies,” said Coulter, is “crazy” and “insane.” Existing policy is exploited by a “birth tourism,” in which pregnant foreigners time visits to the U.S. to coincide with their expected due dates...
Coulter rejected left-wing narratives of ethnic “diversity” as a social asset, drawing on comments made by the late Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew: “The more multi-ethnic a society becomes, people stop voting on their social interests, their economic interests; they vote on their ethnic group and I think that’s what the Democrats are counting on.”




The Remedy For Chain Migration: Chain Deportation!, by Paul Nachman, VDare, December 29, 2017:

The folks at NumbersUSA have been focusing this year on chain migration... Recently Numbers has been running a national TV ad, 30 seconds long, on this basic, festering point:


Note that the Numbers ad centers on the chains that would be launched by legalization of the DACA-protected illegal aliens, not from legally-admitted seed immigrants.  But the phenomenon and its societal impacts are comparable.

So it’s a great triumph for the forces of immigration sanity that “chain migration” is—at long last!—a concept that’s surfaced in the national conversation, since these chains make up a large fraction of the legal-immigration influx.

(Why should national recognition of this obvious concept be considered a “triumph”?  Because most Americans know next-to-nothing about immigration beyond such weary slogans—actually, sales pitches—as “We’re a nation of immigrants.” 

... “chain deportation”—there’s an idea whose time we can hope will come!