Ann Coulter Says Americans Are About To Be Out-Voted By OTHER Voters - She's Right, It's Happened Before!

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Paul Nachman
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30 September 2015
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Our American Future
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Electing a New People” and replacing Americans with immigrants who will out-vote them in their own country isn’t some dire prediction of the future. It’s something happening today. What’s more, it’s something that has happened before.

In 2007, historian and Claremont Institute senior fellow Thomas G. West noted how the transformation of the American electorate in the 1930s and 1940s resulted largely from the immigration “Great Wave” of 1880-1914:

To get some perspective on today’s immigration, recall what happened during the last great immigration wave—the one from Southern and Eastern Europe between 1880 and 1914.  For the next three or four generations, the offspring of these immigrants voted overwhelmingly against policies based upon what Jefferson called “the freest principles of the English constitution, with others derived from natural right and natural reason.”  Instead of favoring Jeffersonian, limited, decentralized, constitutional government devoted to securing individual liberty and property rights, a large majority of these voters have supported the construction, step by step, of the centralized and bureaucratized modern administrative state.  The Democratic Party was swept into power in the 1930s in large measure by the votes of these immigrants...

NumbersUSA chief Roy Beck gave an example of what it meant for native-born Americans to lose control over their own political destiny by using the city of Wausau, Wisconsin in his famous 1994 Atlantic magazine classic The Ordeal of Immigration in Wausau:

As Beck noted, it took the 1924 immigration cut-off and several decades of digestion for Wausau’s disparate ethnic groups to blend and find a new equilibrium...

Today, mass immigration is leading to the de facto theft of the country from those who created it...

The question isn’t what kind of a future mass immigration will create for America. From history, and from events happening today, we already know the answer.

The question is whether the Republican Party, even out of self-interest, will do anything to stop it.




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