Ann Coulter On Trump DACA 'Betrayal': 'This Is The Worst Day Of His Presidency'

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Chris Menahan
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Information Liberation
Article date: 
10 January 2018
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National News
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President Trump moved to commit political suicide today by agreeing to sign a clean amnesty bill, though he appeared to have backed off his statements later on Twitter after Ann Coulter and others let him have it.
From Breitbart:
    New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says "nothing" in Michael Wolff's recent salacious book Fire and Fury could "hurt" President Trump as much as his statement on Tuesday that an amnesty for illegal aliens will be a "bill of love."
    During a meeting at the White House on giving amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Trump called an amnesty deal a "bill of love" for illegal aliens.
        "This should be a bill of love, truly. It should be a bill of love, and we can do that," Trump said.
        "I really do believe Democrat and Republican, the people sitting in this room, really want to get something done," Trump said.
    Coulter says that Trump's comments on amnesty for illegal aliens is far worse that Wolff's recent Fire and Fury book, in which he says Trump is "worse than everybody thought."
Here he is saying he'll sign anything Congress gives him...
It's just flat out terrible negotiating....
Coulter also appeared on The Larry O'Connor Show later in the day and said this is "the worst day of his presidency."



She said similar in an appearance shortly after on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs: