Another Brick in the Blue Wall of Fraud

Article author: 
Michael S. Kochin
Article publisher: 
American Greatness
Article date: 
18 November 2022
Article category: 
National News
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... Democrats in Michigan and their funders nationwide had their eyes on the real prize: the rules by which votes are cast and counted. 

There is an international consensus that secure, trustworthy elections means strict voter ID requirements and in-person voting rather than drop boxes or vote-by-mail. In response to the chaos of the 2020 election, in which many Detroit precinct totals simply didn’t add up, the Michigan legislature passed an effective voter ID law, which Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed....

To prevent any threat of honest elections in Michigan’s future, Michigan Democrats came up Proposal 2, amending Michigan’s Constitution to mandate drop boxes, allow unlimited third-party funding of ballot harvesting, prohibit election audits except as conducted under the supervision of the secretary of state, and ban effective voter ID laws...

Drop boxes and ballot harvesting means that canvassers can cajole, bribe, or scare you into voting their way and then drop off the ballot anonymously. The prohibition on legislative or independent election audits means that there is no effective check on any fraud scheme to which the secretary of state is a party. The ban on effective voter ID laws means that all anybody has to do to vote as somebody else is to sign in as them at the polling place. 

Until it was too late, until after Election Day, I heard nothing about Proposal 2. Its proponents outraised its opponents three to one, with almost half of the contributions laundered through the Democrats’ national dark money slush fund, the Sixteen Thirty Fund....

... Michigan now joins Pennsylvania, which prohibits signature verification of completed mail-in ballots, the only even theoretically effective way to prevent mail-in voter impersonation, in the Blue Wall of Fraud....

By constitutionalizing a ban on honest elections, Michigan has gone even further than Pennsylvania, because the Michigan legislature cannot roll back any of this wickedness without first getting statewide voter approval under these utterly dishonest rules....