Another Obama Deep State Operative In At DHS

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7 April 2017
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National News
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The writing's on the wall. The Trump Administration, specifically DHS Secretary John Kelly, have no intention of enforcing immigration laws. As evidence of this, Kelly nominated Obama bureaucrat Elaine Duke as Deputy Secretary of DHS. Kelly specifically fought to keep any immigration patriot out of that position.

Interestingly, this has flown under the radar and only recently came to the attention of this writer. All another victory for the Deep State bureaucrats.

President Donald Trump on Monday announced his intention to nominate Elaine C. Duke, former undersecretary for management at the Department of Homeland Security, to serve as the department’s deputy secretary.

[Trump To Tap Ex-Obama Appointee For DHS Deputy Secretary, by Chuck Stanley, Law 360, January 31, 2017]

Duke was an early supporter and appointee of Barack Hussein Obama, so important she was nominated before Obama was inaugurated. That shows a close connection to the Democrats in the Deep State.

Duke was confirmed as the Obama administration’s DHS deputy secretary for management in 2008, and was tasked with overseeing the department’s financial, human capital, information technology, procurement, security and asset management programs, as well as providing guidance to the acquisition oversight process. She was also responsible for managing DHS business lines and $47 billion budget.

As someone responsible for years in DHS, she presided over massive wasteful spending and ongoing morale and personnel problems at DHS...

Duke is the typical Obama bureaucrat, promoted because she is a woman and incompetent in every position she was appointed to. The massive overspending on the National Security Cutter program was under her watch as well.

And like a good bureaucrat, she exploited her former position at DHS to be a lobbyist for contractors she once dealt with as a DHS official...

She is part of the swamp, the revolving door of corruption between the bureaucracy and lobbyists. She also has no experience in actual in immigration law enforcement, but her selection is a direct slap at Kris Kobach and the early supporters of President Trump. Kelly specifically objected to Kobach, most likely be cause Kelly is an amnesty supporter...

Given that neo-con warmongers are now convinced President Trump to waste his energy on a war in Syria, it's time of immigration patriots to move into the opposition as Kelly is now in the open as the man who saved DACA.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly struck a defiant tone in a meeting with House Democrats Friday, lawmakers said, telling them he's "the best thing to happen" to immigrants brought here as minors — and if members don't like current laws, they should change them.

"I'm the best thing that happened to DACA.... it is still on the books," Kelly said, referring to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era program that shields undocumented immigrants brought here as children from deportation.

[Democrats Slam DHS Secretary After Closed-Door Meeting, by Heather Caygle, Politico, March 17, 2017]...