Anti-cooperation bill update: Immigration reporting repeal effort clears House, heads to Senate

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Eli Stokols
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25 March 2013
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Colorado News
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Recognizing its party’s collective need to improve its standing with Hispanic voters, Republicans spent far less time arguing against [House Bill 1258] a proposal to roll back a 2006 state law that forces local law enforcement agencies to report anyone arrested for a crime who is suspected of being in the country illegally to federal immigration authorities...

So how many Republican lawmakers voted yes?
Just one: first-year Rep. Tim Dore, R-Elizabeth.

...The 36-26 vote by the full House sends the legislation to the state senate.

The bill does away with the state’s divisive 2006 requirement that law enforcement report suspected illegal immigrants to federal authorities. The law is spottily enforced, in part because of a new federal immigration law implemented since 2006 to snag illegal immigrants who get arrested.

Colorado sheriffs have testified in favor of the bill, arguing that it’s costing them resources and the community’s trust; and, they argued, it’s redundant now that Colorado is taking part in the federal government’s Secure Communities program...




CAIRCO notes:

As everyone except the GOP seem to know, immigrants vote Democratic. They vote for the party that gives them the most freebies. They will continue to do so, no matter how nice Republicans try to be to illegal aliens.

We also observed Colorado Sheriffs standing in unision against recent legislation to impinge on Second Amendment rights. Yet they now balk at cooperating with ICE on reporting of illegal aliens per bipartisan 2006 SB 90. We can't help but wonder whether perhaps they are partaking of medical marijuana on a regular basis.