Anti-Trump Protesters Show Their True Colors With Mexican Flags

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Multiculturalism portends the end of national unity
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Scott Greer, Associate Editor
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Daily Caller
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2 May 2016
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Our American Future
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...In Orange County Thursday, thousands of demonstrators — the vast majority of them Hispanic — held a “Fuck Trump” rally outside of Trump’s first campaign event in the Golden State.

Brandishing Mexican flags and signs bearing language unfit for primetime television, activists were whipped into a violent fury over the mere idea of The Donald speaking in southern California. They assaulted Trump supporters, threw rocks at police and destroyed a few cop cars. (RELATED: Anti-Trump Protesters Smash Police Cars, Stop Traffic At California Rally)

On Friday, protesters flying the Mexican flag once again surrounded the location of the California Republican Convention and prevented Trump from entering via normal means. He had to walk through an out-of-the-way back entrance to deliver his speech...

Arguably, the most important thing to take from the California unrest is not that it is beyond the shadow of a doubt the fault of the protesters for the violence — its the fact they rallied around the Mexican flag...

As Paul Ryan declared in March, America is a nation founded on an idea, not an identity. Thus, everyone here should be a proud American since it requires nothing more than a belief in the idea that success is available to all. (RELATED: Dear Paul Ryan: America Was Actually Founded On An Identity)...

But the resulting protest showed a more honest side to many within the pro-immigration movement. Brandishing Mexican flags and burning American flags sends a clear message as to which national identity the demonstrators prefer.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of the California demonstrators were young people, an ominous sign that the children of immigrants aren’t assimilating into America’s national fabric. Rather, they are keeping alive their allegiance to the country only a few miles to the south...

Obviously, these anti-Trump protesters enjoy all the opportunities afforded by living in this country. They don’t appear to take issue with the American way of life; otherwise, they’d be back in Mexico.

But they do favor Mexican national identity over American national identity. To them, it represents their family, their heritage and their history. America is just a place where they make money...

In the short-term, the riots will likely bolster Trump’s appeal. In the long-term, it portends to a future where millions of young people think of America with contempt as they cling to their native land and culture.
Imagine our national unity in a country like that.


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One of the first theories many immigration patriots first get introduced to is the idea of Aztlan, what many Chicano activists call the American Southwest. Aztlan is supposed to be a newly independent Chicano homeland someday, the ethnostate for Mestizos eager to throw off the American Empire and set up their own republic of blood and soil built upon the old identity of the Aztecs...
 it’s an idea that keeps popping up in “pro-immigration” protests.
Take this little aside from the May Day protests in Seattle.
An Aztec dance troupe led the marchers, burning incense and dancing to the beat of drums. Mothers and fathers pushed children in strollers down Broadway or carried toddlers on their shoulders.

[Hundreds rally, march in Seattle for labor, immigration reformsby Katherine Long, The Seattle Times, May 1, 2016]

(One would think an imperialist empire which practiced human sacrifice against other indigenous peoples, wouldn’t be the best cultural identity to adopt. But never mind.)

Or look at the repeated use of “Aztlan” as a rallying cry at Leftist protests around the country over the last few days, especially in California [‘Make America Mexico Again’: We Warned You About America-Hating Mobsby Lee Stranahan, Breitbart, April 30, 2016]...

Does this mean that the American Southwest is literally going to be cut away from the United States? Not necessarily. It simply shows that there is a new national consciousness being created among many Mexican-Americans, one diametrically opposed to a common American identity. It’s something which shows that the “melting pot” has ceased to function...