Appeals Court rules in favor of Florida Anti-Sanctuary law - SB168

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The attempt by SPLC and others to thwart immigration law at any cost has failed miserably!!
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18 April 2023
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National News
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Court rejects challenge to 'Sanctuary Cities' law, CBS News, 18 April 2023:

... a federal appeals court Thursday tossed out a challenge to a 2019 immigration law that banned so-called sanctuary cities in Florida.

A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a ruling by a South Florida district judge that blocked parts of the controversial law. The appeals court also ordered dismissal of the lawsuit because it said plaintiffs did not have legal standing to challenge the law.

Several groups, such as the Florida Immigrant Coalition and the Farmworker Association of Florida, filed the lawsuit in July 2019, raising constitutional issues and alleging discriminatory intent in the law (SB 168). But Thursday's ruling said, in part, the groups could not show proof of "actual injury" needed to establish standing...

The ruling came as lawmakers consider proposals (SB 1718 and HB 1617) that would take additional steps to target illegal immigration. The bills are pending in Senate and House committees.

Florida Senators Back Immigration Crackdown Plan, The Floridian, 16 March 2023.

Reported from Florida:

Actually E-Verify could be enacted by the Florida Legislature prior to May 5th Sine Die.

Republicans have super majorities in both chambers.  DeSantis has been very successful with his agenda so far.

If so, Florida would have the ‘gold standard’ of immigration enforcement in USA.

SB 1718 would:

  • Prohibits local governments from issuing ID cards to unauthorized aliens and invalidates out-of-state licenses issued to unauthorized aliens.
  • Requires affirmation of United States citizenship and legal Florida resident status for voter registration.
  • Requires hospitals to collect data on immigration status of patients and to regularly submit reports on cost of care provided to illegal aliens.
  • Prohibits out-of-state tuition waivers at colleges and universities for unauthorized aliens.
  • Prevents unauthorized aliens from being allowed to practice law.
  • Closes loopholes that allow illegal aliens to be released from ICE detention.
  • Disincentivizes Illegal Immigration in Florida 
  • Requires all employers in Florida to use E-Verify to determine employment eligibility.
  • Makes it a felony to use false identification to obtain eligibility.
  • Allows for license revocation if an employer violates E-Verify requirements twice within 24 months.
  • Expands E-Verify Requirements

Florida's fight against Biden's border crisis:
Governor DeSantis is proposing legislation to further protect Floridians from federal open border policies. Governor DeSantis’ proposal:

  • 3rd degree felony to knowingly transport, conceal, or harbor illegal aliens – punishable by 5 years in prison.
  • 2nd degree felony when the illegal alien is a minor, punishable by 15 years in prison.
  • A person charged with these offenses will not be released from jail until their first appearance.
  • Transported individuals will be detained by law enforcement as material witnesses.
  • Enhances Penalties for Human Smuggling