Appointment requests for noncitizen Colorado license overwhelm system

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Denver Post
Article date: 
1 July 2014
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Colorado News
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Those wanting to make an appointment to get the new driver's license for noncitizens [illegal aliens] overwhelmed the system Tuesday — the first day appointments were being scheduled.

Officials from the Department of Motor Vehicles did not answer specific questions Tuesday but said the website for appointments had approximately 60,000 hits in less than an hour Tuesday.

The licenses, a result of Senate Bill 251 approved by the Colorado legislature in 2013, will allow those who do not have a valid social security number — including immigrants [illegal aliens] in the country illegally and others in the country with temporary legal status — to obtain a driver's license starting next month if they can prove they live in Colorado...

Using an emergency rule at first, the DMV will set the cost of the license for noncitizens at $50.50 — including the $21 standard fee and an additional $29.50.

The licenses will be marked to note it is not valid for voting or as federal identification...