Are We Heading for an Immigration Sellout?

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Derek Hunter
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Article date: 
28 January 2018
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National News
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... The White House announced their end of a deal on the so-called “DREAMers,” the people the media constantly remind everyone are in the country illegally “through no fault of their own,” and it’s bad.
First off, can we just say that the country owes these adults (because they’re all adults now) nothing. Their parents broke the law, knowingly and willingly. The idea that granting them citizenship is the only “moral” option because they’re here “through no fault of their own” is ridiculous....
So why should children of illegal aliens simply be given the greatest thing the United States has to offer because they weren’t caught earlier? There is no statute of limitations on violating immigration law – every day someone is in the country illegally they are breaking the law. It’s a continual violation....
Worse is President Trump’s plan grants amnesty to 1.8 million illegal alien DREAMers, not the 700-800 thousand who’ve actually registered for the program. Why? It doesn’t matter why. A case can be made for those who did register being granted something, including the ability to stay in the country legally (though not citizenship), but what is the rationale for extending it to people who didn’t bother to comply with then-President Barack Obama’s DACA program? None.
... They were offered a chance to get right with the law and they passed – game over....
The President wants a deal so badly he’s willing to give Democrats what they want right now in exchange for it. But, as is always the case with Democrats, some of what they want is never good enough...
What gives me hope that there won’t be a deal is that last bit – that liberals don’t really want one. If there’s a deal the issue goes away...
The rest of the President’s offer isn’t so terrible, though I don’t think it goes far enough. There should be an end to birthright citizenship too. But the only offer he should have made is permanent resident status with no path to citizenship for DREAMers....
This opening offer from the White House has me worrying that the President’s desire for a deal of any kind will end up with him signing a bill, any bill, just to check that box. Compassion is the worst rationale for legislation, it never leads anywhere good.