Armed militia sets up Texas command center to ‘fight for national sovereignty’

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Washington Times
Article date: 
11 July 2014
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National News
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A militia has set up a command center south of San Antonio to prepare for what they say is a mission to protect the United States from the influx of illegal immigrants.
The militia, operating via the website, founded by Barbie Rogers, said members at the command center in Von Ormy will deploy to Laredo first and spread to other parts of the border, a local ABC affiliate reported.
Chris Davis, the 37-year-old commander of the group, would not disclose how many members make up the militia, but said the troops would deploy “in a few weeks.”
“We have patriots all across this country who are willing to sacrifice their time, their monies, even quit their jobs to come down and fight for freedom, liberty and national sovereignty,” Mr. Davis told the station...
According to the Patriots Information Hotline, there are 4 credible militia operations on the ground currently in Texas...